Sunday, 5 August 2007

End of adventure

After many late nights, I've finally finished Book 7! My mind couldn't leave the plot. I would think of it on the way to work, on the way home, while taking toilet breaks, etc..

The one thing I kept thinking of since the end of Book 6 was whether Snape was on the bright or dark side.. Snape always seemed so sinister and was mean to Harry they all while being friendly with the Slytherins. Yet, Dumbledore had always insisted on his innocence, that he was a double agent. So I looked back..

There were instances that suggested that Snape could be a good person, e.g. he shielded the trio when Remus Lupin turned into a werewolf in Book 5, and he stopped a Death Eater from torturing Harry as they were escaping Hogwarts in Book 6.

But why would he stand up against Voldemort, whom he once revered? Soppy mf could only think of one reason for him being truly on Dumbledore's side: he loved Lily Evans, but inadvertently caused her death at the hands of Voldemort. At one point, I realised that while he was always scolding Harry for being like his father, he had never once badmouthed Lily Evans. That was pure speculation until Book 7, when just before he died, he told Harry to look at him - cos Harry had his mother's eyes!

I think I'm like Dumbledore - my guesses are good :p

Happy and satisfied! But JK Rowling really killed the series for sequels man, with that last chapter saying that the scar hadn't hurt for 19 years.. I would miss this adventure for sure...

Alright! Now that I have no more compelling reads, I can now scan the news more diligently and do some blogging at night.. Normalcy commences..

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