Wednesday, 5 November 2008

For interpretation

I had a terrible, terrible dream last night!

Came to this deserted field during some backpacking trip or something. And my travel mates were talking about "bounds" in this area..

As I was seeking clarifications on what they were, two appeared - the tiger-like creatures were hanging eerily in the air just in front of us, as if they just leapt backwards into the air. And when they hit the ground, they transformed!

One still looked like a tiger, but the head became smaller and the body longer. Some guy whispered that this type would bite! So as it was crawling past us, we stood still... But someone had to go disturb it! So it finally turned.. and.. I forgot :p Attacked the guy or something but subsequently, same guy killed one of those "bounds" and got himself some £5,000 of reward!

The other "bound" kind of melted into the ground. There seemed to be some dead things around me at that point but it was blurred.. Suddenly, I was alone. Scared, I left the field only to find myself in my, um, living room *.* The floor suddenly started to sprout green bits, like ribbons - actually more like green chocolate shavings.. As I was trying to leave my living room, I started to sprout too! Green chocolate shavings coming out of my fingers =(

I ran downstairs, I felt like something was at the right of my neck - must be sprouting there too! And I felt like I was going to die! Then someone cut my finger open like a hotdog to let the blood out or something - I didn't see blood but I stopped sprouting :p

End of dream..

Some time today in the office, I suddenly remembered this dream. Told Sito just now and when I got to the sprouting green chocolate shavings part..

Sito: You have been affected by the caterpillar!


HE WAS RIGHT! The green chocolate shavings were of the same shade of green as the caterpillar ON MY BLOUSE!

Yesterday, I thought I walked into some spider web on the way to the MRT station but it was common so I didn't bother much. Then the right side of my neck felt itchy and I gave it a flick and continued with solitaire. It was some five minutes later that I saw the caterpillar on me. I screeched and thankfully, Sito flicked it off me. It was quite small but it was quite gross..

Anyway, good to know why I dreamt I was sprouting greens.. Although the tiger one remained a mystery.. £5,000 must be due to the nice exchange rate these days :p

Actually, I haven't had such vivid dreams for some time. Used to dream a lot while in college. And I would relate them to G! :p Perhaps they only come to me when my mind is idle relaxed..

Yes, I have been more relaxed these days. been lunching with my colleagues these two days. Yesterday, went to Bakerzin with TO, DC and JT - talked about babies. Today, had lunch in the meeting room with DC, JT and AK - talked about babies :p And men, hmmm...!

Much as I prefer a quick lunch so that I could finish work and go home, I do enjoy such times with the ladies :) I hope things will stay peaceful for me.. See, I'm blogging now! :p

By the way, 3 November has come and gone again - this time, I wore the dress I wore on my first day of work on 3 Nov 2003. Now, I look forward to 3 Nov 2009 :)

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  1. Seeing a tiger in your dream, symbolizes repressed feelings or emotions that frighten you. Alternatively, the tiger represents female sexuality, aggression, and seduction. If the tiger is in a cage, then it suggests that those repressed feelings/emotions are on the verge of surfacing. Dreaming that you are attacked by a tiger means overwhelming gloom and disappointing failures. You may find yourself distressed and tormented by rivals. Dreaming that you ward off or kill a tiger means that you will be exceedingly successful in all your endeavors. It is an indication of your good health, vitality, and vigor. Seeing rugs made of tiger skins, symbolizes a life of luxury and ease.


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