Friday, 28 November 2008

Reason for current flu?

Was on a cab to retreat at Changi Village Hotel yesterday.

mf: Uncle, Changi Village Hotel, pls.
Uncle: Go by TPE?
mf; Ok!

20min later.. Sighted jam at our expressway exit..

mf: No other way? Going to be late.. Airport side can turn into Netheravon Road?
Uncle: I only know this way..
mf: Ok ok.. Since I don't know any way..

Somewhere along the little streets of Simei..

Uncle: I came here only once two years ago.. Usually people go to Mt Alvernia, Mt E..
mf; ?? Uncle, I'm going to Changi Village Hotel..
Uncle: I know, I know, just that people usually go to Mt Alvernia, Mt E, Tan Tock Seng..

Tan Tock Seng... As in the HOSPITAL?! o_O

mf: Uncle! I'm going to Changi Village HOTEL, not Changi HOSPITAL leh!

Did I look that ill? Apparently not, as verified by my colleagues!

But it was a curse - by lunch, my nose started running and by the afternoon, I was sneezing violently during the outdoor segment =(

Four panadols and 12 hours later, still felt like shit. Specifically, I couldn't feel the top of my head. Was going to take MC but was informed while waiting for doctor that JT also took MC!

Cabbed straight down from clinic to present our workplans. This time, the uncle took me straight to the hotel. My coughing failed to make this one send me to the hospital where I should more probably be!

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