Sunday, 16 November 2008


No I am not there now, nor have I just returned from Tokyo.

Just watched a film of this title.

I like the first segment. Cos I find a bit of me in Hiroko - "what I like to do defines me"

She was not ambitious, said her boyfriend Akira. She woke up one morning after overhearing her girlfriend's criticism that she had been doing nothing to find a hole in her chest, a hole as in her hand could go through to the back! She eventually morphed into a chair and landed in a musician's house, where she changed back into human form when the musician was not around and started cleaning the house etc. In her letter to Akira, she said that she had never felt so useful :)

A related digression (if there is such a thing!): Watched Avenue Q the day after. Princeton was looking for his "purpose". What is mine? Do I have one? Hmmm.. Not too bad being an useful chair!

The second segment was a little disturbing. I want to forget it *.*

I like the third segment although it was rather unsettling.

A hikikomori stepped out of his house (with difficulty) after 11 years to find the streets desserted - most had become hikikomori like him, staying in and never coming out. I find it rather sad.. Much as I value me time, I cannot imagine a life void of social interaction.

(I didn't go to Tokyo but I did go to Gifu in October.. Will get to that..)

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