Sunday, 31 January 2010


An ordinary truck?

Dispensing yummy Old Chang Kee at an RC event at West Coast!

Cannot buy, ahhhh!

Today, I jogged while Sito swam. We could see each other through the gym window - quite fun =D Had a good dinner - that was when we saw the OCK truck - and then fruits and then chocolate cookies. And he fed me a pineapple tart while I was ironing.

I've been snacking a lot since we moved in together. There's the never-diminishing stock of ice cream, and plenty of chocolatey yummies from Christmas. If Sito were not with me, I would have snacked more, cos I controlled my intake (somewhat) when he was not in a snacking mood :p

I figure I'll stop snacking when the snacks run out. Especially the chocolates cos I have better control over ice cream intake.

And yesterday, I found that our weighing machine is highly unreliable. It gave me two readings that differed by 1.5kg within two minutes. (Don't ask me why I weighed twice in a quick row!)

My moment of truth will come 6 February when I have access to another weighing machine at the spa. And M's eyes - she has no qualms telling me if I'm fat or otherwise :p


  1. Is it digital or old fashioned one? I gained 5kg permanently since JC days. Damn sad. Gain weight only never mind. The fats accumulating around the middle of me is rendering every bottom I own too tight. !@$#@$ Na

  2. My colleague told me that one pineapple tart requires 30 mins of exercising to work off the calories imbibed, and each love letter contains one tablespoon of suger!


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