Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Belly envy vs. belly pride at 38w4d

Last week, I saw a pregnant woman across the road downstairs - she had such a big round belly! I was very envious.. I also want a big belly!!

Then yesterday, I was cleaning stuff as usual and we got hungry.. So I just went down in my super short shorts and a red tee. Then I saw myself in the mirror - what a big belly! I was very happy :) Belly envy has given way to belly pride :))

But today at the clinic, I experienced belly envy again when two patients with bigger bellies walked in =/

Then again, I'm due next week.. Perhaps I should congratulate myself for having tighter abs? :p

The downside of that is that baby seems to be living in very cramped conditions. His face is so near me that ultrasound couldn't get a good glimpse of his face! Oh well, we'll see him very soon :)

My doctor is encouraging me to take epidural as this is my first time and my scar tissue from the LEEP last year could also hurt during labour. He said I could think about going without epidural next time. Well, I guess I'll decide only when I go to the hospital!

Sito: But you've been indecisive lately.
mf: Then you decide for me.
Sito: You know what I'll decide.
mf: Ya, just tell me to sign!

老公疼我 :)

PS: Oh, we've moved back to Holland Village! Will write more on that later after uploading some pictures. Too messy now to do that..

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