Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fast food beef burgers in Singapore

Because I like 'em burgers!! :)

Carl'r Jr, Changi City Point 3 Jun 2012

This wasn't really planned. I went for Carl's Jr as I couldn't find bah chor mee at the basement food court at Changi City point.

Had the Original Thickburger at $8.90 for just the burger. Added a packet of tomato sauce - baby likes tomato sauce... I didn't find it particularly thick though. But it was big, some five inches across. In terms of taste, it was rather bland even with the extra tomato sauce. It wasn't dry but it wasn't as juicy as I would like it to be. The good thing about it compared to the rest? It had more greens.

McDonald's, Sun Plaza, 6 Jun 2012

This wasn't planned too. I happened to need lunch at Sun Plaza in Sembawang and nothing else caught my fancy!

Had the quarter pounder with cheese. The meal came with medium fries and a small green tea at $6.15. Added more ketchup as usual. Once I brought the burger near my face, I smelled something very familiar - very Macs *.* I wonder what that could be.. The cheese? The pickles? The beef patty itself was forgettable. I decided then that this wasn't up to scratch. The only thing I liked was that it had two slices of cheese.

MOS Burger, Raffles City, 9 Jun 2012

Had the MOS Cheeseburger, $3.70. Was disappointed to see part of the cheese sticking out, cold and unmelted. But the burger was moist enough with some tomato-ey crunchy bits such that I didn't feel compelled to add ketchup. There was no pickle. The beef, however, was rather thin, with quite an interesting taste, as if there was some "Asian favour" to it. Well, it is Japanese, right... The whole burger was on the small side though; I think I like my burgers big :p

Hand Burger, 313, 11 Jun 2012

Well, I happened to be there :p

Had the lunch set for $12.70. I chose the original Hand Burger, a caesar salad (I had the dressing on the side of course) and a hot green tea. I like the burger!! It's not dry although it's not terribly juicy on its own; the sauce provided lots of oomph. The cheese was also very nicely melted. Oh, and it fits nicely into my hand - not too big, not small either :) There's also something about the bun that made me remember that it was good..

Burger King, Tampines Mall, 13 Jun 2012

Had a Whopper with cheese, $6.95. After the good bun at Hand Burger, I thought this bun was quite nasty... The beef was thin. But the cheese was nicely melted. Enough vege for a burger. I put in two packets of ketchup. Compared to BK "lounge" in Evanston, this seemed a bit better for some strange reason...

Zhu pa bao, Causeway Bay HK Cafe, 19 Jun 2012

This was the unexpected burger. Not sure if I should include it cos it's not beef - it's pork! But it's good! :)

Wendy's, Holland Village, 2 Jul 2012

Had the Dave's Hot 'N Juicy, $5.60 for the quarter pounder. Perhaps it's recency effect but I do think this was by far the best I've had. It was indeed juicy, with two slices of cheese nicely melted. I added more tomato sauce without checking if the original portion was enough :p Only wish? That it could be bigger!


I would have Wendy's and Carl's Junior again for sure. If I feel richer, I'll also have Hand Burger again - not cheap unless you go for the lunch set.

Actually, I wanted to try Botak Jones too but when I went for lunch at the NYC branch on a weekday, it wasn't open! Oh well, maybe I'll add in next time.. Now, I don't think I have time to go eat that!

After writing this, I feel like having a big gourmet burger with plenty of thick-cut chips on the side! Maybe it's time for me to "upgrade" to better non-fast food burgers? :)

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