Friday, 31 May 2013

Standing on his own!

I was thinking the other day that I could write a little every day instead of posting a long one in one shot. I shall try! I wrote today's on the way to work this morning, and only edited it slightly just now...

Like some days when he woke very early and fell asleep again, he woke eventually at 7 plus today and we reached the IFC later. The twins had already arrived and this was the first time I met them. They were both crying non-stop! Hannah was happily crawling about as usual. But ZK refused to be let go or distracted.

He clung on to me and wanted to be carried. But I just let him stand on the floor in front of me. And suddenly, he let go of my knees and stood in his own for at least a full second! I'm so happy to have seen that :)

Then he sat down and whined. Actually he seldom cries. He usually whines tearlessly. But of course, at first glance and sound, everyone would think he's crying and rush to him. But the mama cannot be fooled!!

He has a couple of new toys lately. Last night, Sito came back with a crocodile for him - he could pull it along when he can walk. I said Sito is bad, trying to turn our son into a little buaya!! :p I also got an activity table for him but it's a hand-me-down from W who got it from DC but never used it as her husband's friend gave them the same thing. Her son is now 2+ and still loving it! And tmr, I'm going to collect an activity cube for him - bought it from an online mummy bulk buy. And just when I thought that was it for him when it comes to toys, I saw another bulk buy - smart trike 4-in-1! Should we...?

Update 24 Jun 2013

Taken on 8 Jun 2013 - he started playing with the crocodile..with his mouth! Yesterday, he was pulling it around him while sitting on the floor.

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