Monday, 20 May 2013

ZK's first overseas trip!

We went to Malaysia!

ZK looked a bit lost as we left the house early Saturday morning. Yes, I'm in my PJs, but why are we not taking the stroller? And Papa is here with us too?

Let him sit with Papa for a while :)

He was all over the place - so excited he was!

When we got to Malacca, we went to find TaiMa - he eventually let her carry him on the second day :)

Found a fantastic rattan chair - see last photo in link - so they must have a photo together :) But dear son, why were you sulking?!

Much better!

We had lunch - ZK had bread with fish and tofu cos he refused the rice - and then stayed there for most of the afternoon. ZK played with some toy fruits and climbed up and down a few steps of the stairs in the house!

Then we checked into Hatten Hotel. It was nice enough but not kid-friendly - they had no baby cot or bathtub! There was a heated pool though but we had no time to use it. The breakfast buffet had a ridiculously long line. Thankfully Mum and Dad were there earlier so we just joined them else we would be late for ZK's breakfast!

I fed ZK some porridge, baked beans and bread. Kind of regretted the beans - he started farting quite a bit *.*

Dinner was at a Chinese Restaurant somewhere and we went to bed after that - followed ZK's bedtime! Although it was later than usual..

The next day, we left ZK with his grandparents and went out with our cousin KS to Jusco before joining everyone for a dim sum lunch. And ZK chose to take a dump just before the food arrived! We changed him on the sofa outside the restaurant - smelly poop!

And later, he got cranky. But for two minutes, I had my time - he refused to be carried by anyone but me! Ah, my Mothers' Day gift??! Anyway, Mothers' Day had been totally eclipsed by ZK taking his first overseas trip :)

It was off to TaiMa's place for the rest of the afternoon before KS drove us to KL where he lived. Cranky in the car after waking up from a nap. Then, cranky in the restaurant, Oversea Restoran where four of had us dinner - while comforting him by carrying him around, I realised that that was probably our last time to that place. The char siew was very good, but they ran out when we went. The place was too crowded. The service was no good. And the food was not cheap. When I shared that with Sito, he had the same thought as well. Ah well..

We stayed in the Westin in KL. They provided a baby cot, a baby bath tub and - when we requested for it cos we left ours at Hatten - baby amenities. No diapers and wet unlike as St Regis but it was very good already. But well, ZK wasn't too keen on the cot - except to play! So he ended up on our bed again, and that night, he forced Sito off the bed to the sofa *.*

And despite me being in PJs and a freaking huge turban on my head, I'm posting this picture cos it's the only one of me and ZK on Mothers' Day! And that day also marked him turning 10 months, woohoo! (That was the adults' supper - mee mamak! - cos dinner just didn't cut it.)

At breakfast the next day...

"Huh, you mean this costs S$70?!"

Yes, my dear toothless baby who chews on hard breadstick all the same, it was an expensive breakfast! Just that we didn't know at that time!! Following our wonderful staycation at St Regis, we assumed breakfast was included in the rate but we had a rude shock at checkout :(

But it was still a lot of fun, especially after the first breakfast when ZK discovered Sito's wallet!! Um, a good thing that our baby loves to lie in a pile of cash, or not? :p

After he woke from a good nap, we left for Times Square - it was within walking distance. After walking around, we decided on Japanese for lunch. ZK had his cereals there too, and the staff were so friendly to him :) He had a great time too - he pooped ^.^

Next was foot reflexology! We remember doing that at this particular corner unit but it was run by different people, it seemed. And the prices had gone by a lot since end of 2009! We spent RM45 per person for an hour of bliss. Well, still cheaper than in Sg. And we could still feel the effects for the next couple of days!!

What followed was episodes of gluttony in the Tiny Taiwan section of the mall - sausage was followed by ham and cheese waffle on a stick, and then we had mango ice at Hui Lau Shan where ZK had his first taste of sourness! And he liked it! We packed some guilinggao and left.

Passed by another mall on the way back to the hotel, where Sito found this sign on the escalator - lots of funny stuff! Our fave at nine o'clock - what's that?!

Had time to check out the hotel pool - cold water - and the kids' club after a little rest before we went to Pavilion across the road for dinner. After some deliberation, as is normal when it comes to eating with Sito food, we decided on Duck King Express! We realised we were there the last time too but only for a little dim sum snack. This time, we found that they had super good char siew too! That's it, confirmed ditching Oversea Restoran!

And ZK was a Super Boy :)

Super cute :) But cranky - the whole place was littered with food he threw or spit out :( We left some change behind for the waiter.. But that was partly because he pooped - yes, second time that day! We packed a piece of cake and KFC (oops) before heading back to the hotel, where I got angry with Sito for the second time this year - more on that separately..

But the next morning, he was open to trying plum! I gave him a chunk to hold and suck but he dropped the whole thing pretty soon. He also tried peanut butter! No funny face with that one.

After a very good nap again, we had bah kut teh at Pavilion where he had a poop - smelly! Then we had more episodes of gluttony - mochi and crepe cake at the Japanese area of the mall, followed by grass jelly ice at Meet Fresh.

All too soon, it was time to go home.. But it was exciting too - ZK's first flight!!

ZK's boarding pass :)

And just before boarding with Mama! He was like, so what? Show him next time :)

*imagined conversation with older ZK*

ZK: Huh, my first flight was on a budget airline??
mf: You took your first flight before one. I took mine at 19 so shut up.


On the plane with Papa! We had an infant seat belt around him but that didn't restrain him one bit! He was having lots of fun pulling stuff out from the pocket in front of them only to drop them. Managed to give him a dinner of bread I kopped from breakfast :p

We reached Sg just before 8 pm, very close to his bedtime. He fell asleep on the way back from the airport. So tired, poor boy. But he woke up when we came back so we gave him a quick shower and sent him off to bed.

The next day, it was couple time as ZK continued to go to IFC. In the morning while Sito was sleeping, I finally opened a savings account for the little one. Also had a foot treatment downstairs - now I have softer soles! Then we lunched at Royal China - spent less than an hour there, given how quickly we ate! Iron Man 3 followed - loved it!! Picked ZK up together after that. I even taught Sito how to put ZK in bed - though many iterations of ZK rolling in bed! Very sad to have to return to work the next day but we think it has really been a good holiday for us all, Papa, Mama and ZK :)

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