Monday, 23 March 2015

Fare thee well!

I was a nobody to this man. But he was somebody to me. Not that he was a friend or what, but without him, Singapore would probably not be what we are today, and then, there would not have been the me and us today.

Source: PMO website (screen-shot)

This morning, I was latching ZY when I saw a flashing banner - Kel whatsapped me that LKY had passed on.

The inevitable had happened, I thought. He had had a long and fulfilling life, and he left in peace. We should be happy. But still, I feel sad at the passing of a great man. He felt like the grandpa whom we didn't talk with much but whom we know had done much for us.

I pretty much ignored the noisy boys on the way to school today as I was concentrating on the radio - PM was going to make a speech about his father's passing at 8 am. When it took place, I was on the way to work and missed it. But I read so many Facebook posts about LKY and how PM delivered his speech that I lost half my eyeliner by the time I got to office. Just lost my eye cream after watching the recording of his speech:

I tear up when I think of what he has done for the country I love so much. Then perhaps I wasn't a nobody to him - I'm a citizen of the country he committed his life to.

Thank you, Mr LKY.

“50 years ago, he wept for the nation. 50 years on, the nation weeps for him.”
Source: Somewhere online...

PS: I had wanted to write on his tribute page but the input page I saw in the afternoon is now gone. Let's see if I get to write this somewhere later...



Update: Managed to write in the website on Wednesday.

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