Thursday, 12 March 2015

Going nerdy...again

Just posted about pi day on Facebook. Pi leh! How magical - 3.1415926 :) I still remember the Anderson library - a maths teacher printed out pi to many many decimal places and stuck the paper around the library between the wall and the ceiling. A stack of paper was left unrolled and tied to the corner when he ran out real estate.

And when I thought of pi, I thought of pies too! And I remember this. Shall find a simple pie recipe for Saturday, woohoo!

This afternoon, we were talking about someone in the field of signal integrity. Binary signals came to mind somehow and lo and behold! "Binary values" turned up in the next sentence after the definition! And now I thought of the binary clock I saw in the Maths Institute.

Just a couple of my simple yet strangely indulgent pleasures :)

A totally random and nerdy post by yours truly :)

PS: I've been very busy lately so photos have to wait...

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