Thursday, 5 March 2015

Childhood memories

I was on the throne when I suddenly had a very vivid flashback - I was squatting over a few pieces of old newspaper and pooping! I didn't think much about it back then but now, I wonder who does that apart from doggies?? *.*

That was on the floor of the second level of Grams' shophouse, in front of the toilet behind the kitchen. We used to go upstairs for lunch and I guess we did out business there as well! In the evening, we would have a bath before going home, and in those days, Grams didn't have a water heater so they would boil water on the stove and pour into a tub of tap water!

It must be all the potty training we're doing. ZK can now poop very well into the toilet bowl - so proud of him! Nvm that I sometimes have to stand there and peer into the bowl with him to gaze at his output - in amazement, no less! Back in my time, I used the potty for a long time, even in primary school I think! Cos the toilet bowl was not in use; we used only the squat toilet - I don't remember whether I was scared or I wasn't allowed to use that. Extra proud that he has outdone his mama :)

I realised that my memory is really getting from bad to worse. I used to be able to remember my blog posts but now I have to search to see whether I have written a certain detail. It must be the lack of sleep. Boys, won't you let me sleep, please??

Yan was in town last month and she reminded me of how well I slept as a child. Mother miscarried once and had an ectopic pregnancy before and after YQ so when she was in hospital, we stayed over with Yan. So there was this time when her parents were going to bring us to the theme park whose name I forgot but where I remember sitting in big tea cups spinning round and round. I was napping so they said they would wait for me to wake up before leaving. Then Yan and MZ tried to wake me - poke me, tickle me, open my eyelids - but I remained fast asleep!

mf: Oh, I don't remember that!
Yan: Cos you were sleeping!!

Why oh why are my kids not like me?? *.*

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