Saturday, 4 April 2015

Good Good Friday

So after two weeks of stress, my body gave up immediately after the source of the the stress passed. I woke sneezing strange sneezes on Wednesday. I used so much tissue that my upper lip was all red by the afternoon. Took some medicine to tide me through the evening as I had a dinner with colleagues. Then? Diarrhoea halfway through the dinner!

So I stayed home on Thursday to rest. Best, I didn't bring my laptop home cos of the dinner. It was a real MC day!

Took some medicine in the morning. Sent the kids to school. Drove to school a second time with a bottle of milk cos I forgot it in my grogginess. Stomach was weird in the morning so I didn't sleep. Packed kids' clothes - some to keep, some to give away.

Napped after lunch but woke to heavy rain shortly. Saw the rain hitting the ventilator cover and splashing water into the bathroom. So I went in to close the ventilator. Then I saw water dripping down the mirror into my brushing cup - no wonder sometimes I returned home to find it filled and the tray underneath all wet! But very strange, it was always my cup, not Sito's *.*

I carried on napping until Y woke me to ask me about fetching the kids. Gosh, that was the longest nap I could remember!!

Much better yesterday though the cough from two weeks ago came back a little. Went to IMM for lunch and took a road trip to Bukit Panjang to check out the progress of our new place - only up to the second floor! And Dad (who works in construction) estimated another two to three years, omg *.*

We had dinner at home and went to Junction 8 for a little date night. It was as if we went to 夜市 - snacked a bit here and there, looked at stuff, snacked again :p We ended the evening at NTUC Finest to get some stuff that we don't get at the tiny branch at our place.

I woke past 3 am to the sound of ZY stirring, and found that ZK had somehow came onto our bed. Whatever. I slept with ZY for an hour and went back to bed. The next thing I knew, ZK was rolling over me and the skies were a pale blue - 6.30 am. ZY woke shortly after. And both of them went to bed very early last night - ZY at 7 pm and ZK at 8 pm! How I wish I could replicate that every day - 早睡不太早起!

I just woke from a short nap before fetching the two from the centre. The cough really came back, sans the phlegm. Sighs.. Hope things look up soon. Hate to sing out of tune to my babies!

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