Thursday, 16 April 2015

Pump free mama

And so it happened.

My supply dropped quite a bit somehow. I suspect it was due to ZY's short nursing sessions - four mins! Anyway, I was attending a course on Monday, 16 March. I decided not to pump during lunch. And the next day, I worked through lunch during the course. And then I fell quite ill and just didn't pump. By the time I returned to office on Thursday, it was pretty clear that that was it - no more pumping. I continued to bring my pump essentials to office just in case but well, it was a very slippery slope..

I finally stopped bringing the milk bag to office on Tuesday, 24 March. I couldn't help but feel that I was forgetting something on the way to work - I was travelling light! So light that when I had to bring my laptop back for the rest of the week, it didn't feel like much to carry.

And then came last week - ZY had his last bottle of of EBM on Friday. And by Saturday, I decided to give him formula for his bedtime feed as well. So now I'm only nursing him when he wakes in the morning. And I've since killed the supply on the left too.

The last two feeds or so

I checked against my records for ZK. ZY had a slightly longer period of full breastmilk before I had to supplement with formula. I also stopped pumping later for ZY and had more in store. But overall, the amount ingested may not be very different as ZY didn't start out guzzling like supply was eternal - though he eventually did.

A proud moment - 320 ml at one shot! Back in mid November..

So much milk was coming out so fast - 快到冒泡!

ZY has never been the marathon feeder. Even now, sometimes he'll stop within five minutes. When I dropped the left feed, the factory didn't even swell *.* I really hope I can continue to breastfeed him until he turns one - even though it's only once a day now. Nothing quite beats seeing your baby having his fave meal right there in the crook of your arm :)

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