Thursday, 16 April 2015

ZY is a busy baby

My little baby has been very busy.

While I was quite ill in March, he learnt to high five. This whole week, he kept wanting to do that with Mum during dinner time - super cute :)

I want more food!!!!

A teacher told me today that ZY tried a little bread in school yesterday :) Yes, he should start to eat more.  Think ZK was already eating rice and chunks of bread and cheese at this stage!

Monday night, I walked in to find him on his belly - he flipped! I was so happy! But that soon gave way to despair when he kept flipping onto his belly and got stuck. One night, he got up every seven minutes for some 40 minutes!

Getting more mobile just by shifting butts - he had not flipped at this point..

Napping ZY - why can't you stay like this the whole night?!

He can sit very well now though he fell last Saturday when trying to turn on his butt *.* Hate the sound of head on tile :( Kena again the next day at Mum's place cos the brother was playful and I was pushed an arm away :(

Shuffling away on his little padded butt while playing with GeGe's toy!

Just this evening, he wanted to stand and play with the wall decal next to his bed. And it's not just about standing - he was talking! He pointed out the monkey and the wheel, and he pointed out the monkey and the wheel, and he babbled something each time.

He likes to pull himself up to stand in school!

Though I was the one who put him there in this photo taken a month before - one month is plenty for an infant to grow and learn!

Such a busy baby. Mama has been very busy too. But tonight I finally have some time to post some pictures!

What you looking at?

Happy with a "friend"!

I disapprove of this "friend" though - it looks scary!! Was a Christmas gift exchange in ZK's class.. Nvm, ZY seems to like it..

He now sleeps on his side most of the time, like prawn??! (random!)

Such a bright smile :)

Quit eating the books! Argh, whatever!

I was doing work and he wanted me, but he kept swiping at the laptop so I put him on the floor next to me. It worked!

Happy baby!

Love kiddy rides, even stationary ones!

ZY froze when the music played - the ride wasn't even on!

But he's ok on his belly in the day?!

Smiley milky baby :)

I read my fabric book...

What Mama is reading looks more interesting!

Fine, I'll read this..

Nah, let me have Papa's book if I can't have Mama's!

This boy really likes to read :)

When I next have some time - is ZK a busy bee as well?

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  1. I love the sleeping like a prawn photo! Was so inspired I went to get a bolster for SH too! =P


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