Friday, 22 May 2015

My broken slippers

Slippers are my go-to on weekends, some Fridays and when trotting within office grounds. Three pairs of them broke my heart when they broke.

February 2014 - pretty slippers from Charles and Keith

They were pretty comfortable for a pair of fashion-fashion slippers. I started using them only on pedicure days during weekday lunch hour, and eventually wore them in office the whole time.

May 2014 - Havaianas!

These were pre-Evanston, probably post-wedding. Wore them in the summer months in Evanston. Super comfortable except when I had water retention during the last few weeks of being pregnant with ZK. When they broke, I bought a pair of Ipanema slippers instead - much cheaper and prettier!

Sito's first pair of Havaianas broke when we were in Evanston. His second pair broke recently and we got a cheap replacement that was just recently replaced by a new pair of Havaianas.

May 2015 - Birkenstock Papillio

And today, Sito and I barely stepped into the hawker centre when the big strap snapped open. Tried to buy a pair of slippers from the shoe shop at the shopping centre but it was closed. On the way back to the hawker centre again, the small strap broke loose! The small strap first came out a few weeks ago but I glued it back, though I couldn't make the strap go in all the way so it was a little loose.

My earliest memories of this lovely pair of slippers were in 2006 - pre-Sito! Certainly well worth the money. I think I'll try to glue the straps back tmr but I really should buy another pair to stand by. I only have the Ipanema slippers left and they are for the office. But I'll go for a cheaper option - no more Birkenstock!

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