Friday, 8 May 2015

ZK's day!

Nope, not his birthday yet but Sito and I took a day of leave to spend some time with our firstborn :) He's been relegated since ZY arrived and acting up lately so yup, time to show some love!

Smiling on request on the way to West Coast Park

ZK has lots of construction trucks. We brought an excavator and a dump truck. But the latter was very small cos the bigger one could not be washed. So he looked like he was burying the dump truck every time he loaded it :p

Loading up the dump truck and emptying it

The last time we were at West Coast Park, he wasn't happy with the sand. But now with the trucks, he is ok playing with sand, yeah! Can go beach holiday? :p

Wanted him to sing Happy Birthday but....

Let's just blow out the candle anyway!

Papa wants to play too :p

Went to play a little at the swing and fire truck. There were only two other families - but I heard that their girls were ill so we scooted off!

Time to pour out the sand from my shoes..

Two of my three :)

ZK wanted to play more so we let him play with sand again at another spot. We eventually left and returned home for a shower - we were all so sweaty! Then it was off to a ramen lunch downstairs before sending ZK to school.

My smart boy in his first hand-me-downs!

Would love to have more ZK's days :) In fact, we had another one today - Mothers' Day party in school! Would probably do a little post on that when photos are in...

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