Monday, 25 May 2015

The last drops

So, this ZY has self-weaned. This mama is sad :(

It was early morning on Saturday, 9 May, when he didn't want my milk milk. He only CHEWED on me a few times. And smiled.

I offered again for the next two or three mornings. He went from chewing to simply pushing himself up and away from my milk milk factory. So that was it, no more breast milk for my littler one - and he's only 10 months old!

I should have expected it. After all, he was never like ZK, who sucked so enthusiastically. And if he bit me, it was not like the way ZY bit. If I didn't stop him, I believe ZK would have continued breastfeeding way past his first birthday.

It's been two weeks since ZY's last feed but I still have some milk. Even my left side, which closed down way earlier, had a few drops when I tried to express this evening - wanted to keep a bit in the freezer to moisturise my lips :p

I don't want milk; I want to eat!

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