Monday, 8 June 2015

I smell my babies

ZY is at the perfect size where he can sit with his legs around my waist and look up at me, just inches away from my face. So I hugged him like that just now, his head in the crook of my right arm. I kissed him; he smiled. I sniffed loudly at his baby skin; he tried to sniff too and gave me his piggy face, which I first saw yesterday morning. My baby is so cute! Even though he was scentless as his last bath was in school, I smelled him some more :)

When it was time to pack ZK off to bed, he let me carry him in a cradle hold, his head on his pillow in the crook of my right arm. I kissed and smelled him - he smelled so nice from his shower! I sayang-ed his baby cheeks. And he said, "Can I come down, please?" My baby is so cute! So I laid him down on the bed. This time, he didn't ask to be showered with kisses. He just rolled over and slept. I kissed him anyway :) And I'll smell him again pretty soon when he comes over in the dead of the night!

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