Thursday, 25 June 2015

ZY turning one!

ZY called me mama on Tuesday night! :)

I didn't pay much attention. Only heard him crying out from the baby monitor but when I got out of my door, it hit me that he was calling for ME!

I remember that with ZK, for quite a while, it wasn't clear whether he was calling me or just going mamamamamama. But on Tuesday night, it was very clear - he called out "Mama! Mama! Mama!" when he woke at 9.45 pm.

Me happy :)

ZY could say three other words before this: uh-oh, 哥哥 and nen nen. For uh-oh, it's more like making the sound without making an O with his lips but it's very clear cos he says that about things on the floor :) And similarly, he looks at ZK when he makes 哥哥 sounds. I used "nen nen" with ZK for a while but not with ZY so I think he was trying to say 奶奶 - and this is every morning and night for his first and last bottle!

And he's not even one! ZK only spoke a bit later but guess having him talk all the time helps introduce more speech to ZY.

So ZY turns one this Saturday! But we had an early celebration on Sunday as we will be in Malacca this weekend.

We started with presents, then shoe wearing, then picking a job (career? :p), before heading out for lunch at Swatow...

Papa, the shoes are on the wrong side!

Don't worry, GuGu will right it for you!

Now let's walk!

But I want to take a closer look! You call them shoes?

The dinosaur is ZY's present but think ZK is the one playing with it mostly, with ZY looking at it longingly by the side..

I introduced the items to him before letting him loose. And he chose....

Ball! Ok, do we have a tennis national team?

He picked up the pen next, touched the abacus, threw the rulers and pick up the stethoscope.

I'm Dr ZY...

With Mama on the way to lunch

Happy birthday, ZY! :)

Come, 哥哥 will cut the cake with you..

The cake was a white chocolate carrot cake from Delcie's.. Wanted to get the yogurt cake like for ZK's first birthday but the outlet near us closed. Finally found a cake with no added sugar, i.e. ZY could have it too. But it was just too healthy. The carrot cake part was too dry. The cinnamon taste was very strong. I couldn't taste the chocolate at all. And it was super ex - 500g for $55! Never again!

I've packed new clothes for him to wear on his birthday. Trips are always bad for sleep but I hope he'll get enough somehow and spend his birthday happily! :)

I love you, ZY! :)

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