Wednesday, 10 June 2015

It's happening...

ZY crawled to the door last night, crying for me. He'll be in our room before we know it! *.*

And because I've been very busy, I haven't been sorting out photos :( But I have accumulated a lot of little ZY stories so I'll write them down now... The pictures can come later..

20 March

He poo-ed into my hand! Ok, I had a wet wipe between the poo and my bare hands but I could feel the warmth! I was wiping his poopy diaper five minutes prematurely...

More recently, however, he tends to be constipated. Poor thing..

19 April

ZY can now clap on cue. If he wants to entertain us, that is.

25 April

I thought ZY said "mama"! Perhaps I was biased... But he really sounded like he said "no no" when gesturing at all the no-no items...

And this weekend, he's finally crawling, albeit with his butt still touching the floor. And now? He's speed-crawling!

On Vesak Day on 1 June, I learnt that I might have crawled like that when I was a baby *.*

7 May

After flipping comes sitting up. ZY could pull himself up into a sitting position. I remain sleep deprived..

12 May

At bedtime, he spotted his shadow cast by the nightlight. He seemed to be playing with his shadow by swaying left and right! I couldn't be sure then but now I'm sure - he plays with his shadow! Now ZK did not do that so you could imagine my surprise! ZK also didn't crawl all over the room at bedtime, or knock on the cabinets in the dark. Sito thinks it's because ZY is smarter.. And he began to think of that commercial...

28 May

I felt his first pearly whites! Luckily I stopped breastfeeding already! :p

30 May

He finally had rice at lunch! But haven't tried since then as he was feverish last week..

6 June

Last weekend, I found that he could put his pacifier back into his mouth. Perhaps he could do that for a while but his usual attitude towards his pacifier is to throw it far far away...

In other news...

We're looking for a new helper now. Need someone who is able to take over my night duty until ZY can walk over on his own, like ZY. Um, together with ZK? *.* Our bed is not big enough!!!

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