Saturday, 18 July 2015

ZK is three!

Can't believe it has been three years! Happy birthday, ZK! :)

Now that he's older, it's easier to bring him out. So I ventured out with him on Saturday, the day before his birthday.

Waiting for the bus

We reached the National Museum a few minutes before my scheduled brunch hour with LS and SX, and the Masak Masak exhibition was right in front of us. So ZK wanted to play! Unfortunately, it was not open yet as the staff was still cleaning up the inflated playground.

Running about the playground and having fun anyway

Mama, this is how you do it...

Bumped into LS there. She brought mini SX and so the kids met for the nth time but no longer in slings! And this meeting really made me wonder - why is ZK everywhere?! Example - LS went to the washroom and asked mini SX to stay with me. She obliged and even let me hold her as I went after ZK who ran into the museum when the doors opened. And when LS left the table later, she was quietly occupied at the table; I was sitting right there and yet my son was running all over the place *.* Why??

ZK had some food and asked for cake when he saw the cakes. Well, it was his birthday weekend so I gave him a warm chocolate fudge cake. We sang him a birthday song too! :)

Yummy! And the boy is still....

When I wanted to go pee, he wanted to go pee too. Um, ok... So I had him pee standing - but he just had to take off his shoes and pants and underwear, and he stood such that his scrotum was resting on the toilet bowl, yucks!!! And of course, I was in an unglam mama position - kiapping his clothes under one armpit and holding his penis with my fingers *.*

Later at home, I showed him a photo of him pooping with his pants at his ankles. Thankfully after that, he was ok not to take off everything in the toilet, phew!

Had some fun with the Masak Masak exhibition and the kids area after brunch.

Hula hoops!

Playing with his "new friend", as he calls her, even today!

Took a double decker bus home - not his first time but it was the first time I went up with him. He enjoyed the view from the upper deck :)

Sleepily watching the excavators as we passed by...

Took ZY to baby spa after their nap. ZK had fun there too even though he couldn't go into the pool anymore :) But when a new baby went into the pool, he poured water over the baby's head!! Luckily the parents were quite chill about it..

Happily playing water with Papa

Learning about electromagnetic field at a science fair at Vivo - way to go, boy!

We got a cake from Bakerzin on the way home. We couldn't wait for him to blow out the candles! :)

But first, his present!

Mum and Dad got him a helmet for safety. Will upload pictures one day - it's so big on his head. And he looks like ALIEN :p

Surprise at Mum's place!

(He was trying to smile for the camera :p)

More natural :)

Eh, big boy, feed yourself leh!

ZY had some fun too! Looks so fat here!

Cake time!

ZK blew out the candle right after the song ended. RIGHT AFTER. No time for Chinese version, no time to ask him to make a wish, even if he knew what that was all about.

The little family! (While restraining him from cutting the cake!)

Yummy again!

Looks like a big boy with no top, in army pants and some underwear showing haha!

Dinner was at Long Beach at IMM cos there's a playground right outside. Pretty uneventful but I think it's a pretty good birthday :)

Hope you've enjoyed your day, my love! :)

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  1. Oh, SX is not usually this good with strangers. I think she took a liking to you =) Plus, you forgot to mention about how unfriendly his "new friend" was... *_*


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