Thursday, 30 July 2015

ZY is 13 months old!

Well, ZY turned 13 months on Monday so I'm four days late.. But that's how it is with two kids and that's how it is especially for the second kid. I feel kind of bad sometimes that I can't document ZY's growth and development as much as I would like to. Even if I have time, I may not have the energy...

But today, I decide that I've had enough OT! I want to share photos of my littler boy :)

小猪猪 - beats me why he decides to make that a common expression of his!

And ZY can stand with support!

He's such a dao boy...

But when he laughs!

On another occasion, he splashed the water so hard his head and face got quite wet...

Holding his bread and eating parts of it!

This boy is a little slow with food. While ZK could eat rice quite well before one, it's only lately that he started to eat more rice. And it's only in the past couple of weeks that he finally could put Gerber puffs into his mouth. He's now showing signs of wanting to hold the spoon too :) Oh, and he likes to have whatever we're having.

Some bread nicely broken up for him at Tony Romas :p

First time on a swing :)

That was after a jab. Looking happy :)

That was quite a funny trip to the PD. ZY had his jab first and ZK saw the whole procedure and saw ZY cry a little. When it was ZK's turn, the PD distracted him with candies and a sticker before preparing the syringe. So ZK was watching the PD doing it.. And then he got distracted by one of us and looked away. When he looked back, the PD was facing him with the syringe near his thigh and he went "nonono!" But in the needle went and he cried for a short while. It was hilarious! Ok, we're so mean :p

ZY saw his brother helping AhYe so he wanted to help too :)

Mama, you're blocking me..

Still blocking me...

ZY threw a ball.... backwards!

Stand up for Singapore - without support! :)

Playing with AhMa - very happy!

ZY can be so cheeky. He would crawl out of the room, sit there and wait for someone to spot him before continuing his escape! And if no one bothers, he may crawl back cheekily and entice us to chase after him... Looks like we have quite a handful with two cheeky boys!

Finally ZY can sign "please" but only for food *.*

This boy is really quite different from ZK in a number of ways. He loves reading for one! I finally started reading to him regularly at bedtime this week. He would follow my finger and I underline the words and point out the pictures. And today, he placed his hands on this particularly page filled with handprints without me prompting! And I really like it when he takes a book or a toy and snuggles into my lap :)

He refuses to go back to sleep quietly if he wakes after 4.30 am. Nothing but the bottle can pacify him - we tried water which worked too - although I succeeded in silencing him with the pacifier once... ZK used to wake too but he did not cry loudly; he just stayed there quietly even though he might not sleep for the next two or three hours *.*

Although both boys were breastfed and then had the same formula, their poop smelled so different. Even when solely breastfed, ZY smelled like the zoo when he pooped! So cute, yet so smelly! It got better recently, phew! But he refused to stay still for his post dinner diaper change every day!! ZK didn't like it all the much but it wasn't 100% refusal to lie down..

This boy also tried to open a cabinet door in his room. ZK has not tried to open cabinets there yet even though he can now pull the door open if he wants to. And ZY could call me mama earlier than ZK. Well, subsequent kids generally learn to speak and walk earlier than the eldest kid, right? Monkey see, monkey do..

But like ZK, he very quickly got the idea of getting off a higher place legs first. He would do that even for his bed sometimes, even though it is very low already. And like ZK, when he wants to eat, he wants to eat NOW! And what a foul temper lies beneath that cute look too!

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