Wednesday, 22 July 2015

ZY's big fall

We had quite a scare last Friday, Hari Raya Puasa.

After ZY woke and had his 10 am milk in our bed, I left him with Sito to wash his pacifier and put down the milk bottle. And when I was almost done, I heard a loud thud and my heart sank. The next moment, ZY cried out. I rushed in to find Sito carrying a crying ZY who had fallen on the back of his head. Scolded Sito! My heart ached for my baby! :(

Shortly before he fell

He stopped crying pretty soon so we changed him to go out. We were heading out to get ZK a helmet to go with his new scooter. But shortly after we drove off, ZY looked a little too quiet, just sitting on Sito. And suddenly, he vomited! The milk came out, the blueberries he had during the diaper change came out, his breakfast from 8.30 am came out! Mum turned for NUH A&E.

Not sure whether it was not crowded or because of our case - fell on his head and vomited - but we were whisked in very quickly after we cleaned him up in the toilet. The PD felt around his head and took a little hammer to his limbs. All the while, this baby was quietly watching her.

She then asked us questions over his fall, and was satisfied that he did not lose consciousness. She said she didn't find anything wrong with ZY upon examination and told us to stay there for observation for some four hours. If there was no more than one more vomiting episode and behaviour was normal, we could go home.

So we asked Mum and Dad to bring ZK out while we stayed in the hospital. We had a little cubicle with a bed and two chairs. ZY was more alert and active by then, and was trying to stand and grab and throw things. Four hours - gosh!

Worried Mama with ZY in NUH

While Sito went for lunch, I brought ZY around the ward and saw other babies and kids, and scrutinised kiddy wallpaper. When Sito returned with my lunch, we fed ZY - we asked the nurse for the necessary and she found us cups and plastic spoons which served us fine.

Then it was time to let ZY sleep. As he was dozing off, the PD came to us and said that she wouldn't keep us longer as ZY seemed fine. She told us what to watch out for and gave us a pamphlet to bring home.

ZY napped for more than an hour after we got back - that was a little scary; I kept checking for his heaving little chest. When he woke, he was all sweaty cos we didn't turn the aircon on. But otherwise, he seemed like the usual ZY!


ZK was napping at Mum's place so we went over when he woke. ZY was all over the place again when we got in the car - tiring for me but I was glad he was normal again :)

ZK hugs ZY in the car

We continued to monitor him for the next couple of days. Alerted his teachers as well to inform me if they felt he wasn't behaving as usual.

This week, after his fall, he slept differently from before. He used to lie down on his back to sleep, or turn on his side, with his little head on his bolster. Now, he grabs his bolster and throws it all over until he falls asleep in some funny position. Was it yesterday? He hit me repeatedly with his bolster before he fell asleep *.* But this isn't new. ZK went through this as well! Or I should say, ZK is still like this *.*

Now we're super paranoid when he's on the bed. He can get off the bed legs first for quite some time already but this scary episode showed that accidents could still happen. One second with my eyes turned away is one second too long. No more falls!

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