Friday, 29 January 2016

And now, MY January

Of course, January is mine :)

I think I've always blogged about my birthday but this year, I have been really busy with work so all my free time goes to the kids. And the husband of course though to a lesser extent :p

Anyway, Sito has found a hiding place at home and he refuses to tell me. He got my present in mid December and dished it out about a week later, without me suspecting anything!

Found this on the bed one evening after settling the kids

And on my birthday, I exchanged it for another design :p with Sito's blessings of course!

This colour suits me better. Gonna find a chance to wear it, probably when I'm out without the kids!

Birthday shot!

So, do I look 36?? I can't remember now whether it was my birthday itself or a couple days before that when I thought, gosh, I'm 35, only to catch myself - hello, it's 36!!

It's a sign... This was the first time I remembered my age wrongly - I'm really getting old!!

But I'm not afraid of ageing. I'm afraid of growing staying chubby *.* Still, food is necessary!

Birthday dinner was at Luke's this year!

We ordered one steak to share and they divided it up for us - how convenient! But I had gastric that evening - silly me had a teenager's lunch of junk food when the stomach is obviously nearer middle age - so we had a quick dinner and packed the cake home.

Thanks to Sito for everything! :))

Also celebrated with the rest of the family that Sunday. Lunch was at the National Gallery so we took the chance to walk around. ZY was again more interested in the arts than his brother...

Family shot by Dad - he decided it was done when both kids looked in front. Poor Sito has been relegated! :p

Cheeky boy with handsome Papa

ZY is so much more 有性格 than Mama

Later that afternoon, we sang and had cake - happy mf!

But this month I also hurt my right pinky when I hit in on the edge of a table at a Best Denki roadshown in J8! It was nothing like this but I was so whiny I couldn't stand myself!

Bit of skin *.*

The finger swelled up a little on the second day. Still swollen and a little painful now. But both my kids sayang-ed me when they saw the wound! And when ZY accidentally touched it and I grimaced, he said "ory Mama" - ory for sorry. So cute!

My present from Japan - only Sito will get me a kabab shop haha!!

When I'm stressed, I can even turn the kabab!

Spent a few hours cleaning up things at home. Found my old duffel bag with my badges from school and the high street. Now the cabinets are neater. The toys section is still kind of messy due to irregular shapes but the mess is smaller after I dumped a bag of random toys!

Quite useless but I thought it was fun 10 years ago!

So happy to be on leave today. I got to clean (I like!), I got to stick up LNY decoration (first time so elaborate!), I got to blog (I also like!), and I got to go out walk around during lunch and found cheap $3 Merlion tees for the kids! Keeping them for National Day though haha! I'd bet they won't be $3 by then! Love getting festive stuff!

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