Friday, 29 January 2016

January with my boys

I finally set my foot down this week and stopped ZK from bringing his toys to the dining table during meal time. I was rather surprised he very quickly put his toys back the first time. Perhaps the previous few days of depriving him of certain toys when he refused to sleep or eat properly - through exile to the top of the fridge - had helped convince him that I was serious.

So Wednesday saw both boys feeding themselves at the dining table, randomly chatting with me who was also having fried rice during interludes of Thomas. Of course ZK would have nothing to do with mixed vegetables and piled everything into ZK's bowl. And of course ZY picked at those same mixed vegetables happily - the more the merrier!

It was a very good feeling because it was so peaceful. N was washing things up in the background, the boys were content with their food and video, and hopefully with me by their side too...

Why didn't I think that was just the fluke it was??

The very next day, I returned home to a noisy ZY who didn't want to eat. Perhaps he didn't like leeks. Ah well, I should feel grateful for having had some peace!

ZY doing some finger-painting before his vaccination

I do well with a brush too!

Looks like a big boy!

I recalled such a shot with ZK so I had one with ZY too ^_^

ZY had quite a bit of fun at the clinic while waiting for his turn

Like ZK at his 18-month shot, ZY fell asleep on the way home... I guess we won't ever know whether the vaccination had caused his febrile fit. He was at the clinic after all, where germs could just land on him...

Big boy can go up and down the school bus by himself!

Brought ZY to the supermarket the Friday after his A&E episode as we were both back early for his mid afternoon antibiotic - he was happy to keep groceries on his little tray :)

Having fun at his first review with the nice GP downstairs

Discovered a big crocodile at his second review!

ZK said he made a house!

I made the play dough some time ago. The salt wasn't all dissolved so you can still see grainy bits. We had dark blue and yellow originally but the kids mixed them up and with some whitish play dough from school... Should probably use my newly acquired red dye soon!

ZY saw this photo on my face and said poo poo :p

Let's all have fun with the iPad!! *roll eyes*

But it was quite fun, really. ZY likes to bring it from its resting place at the bay window to the bed and ask to draw. ZK sometimes draws but mostly, he plays with Mr Pencil.

Came across this idea after researching what to do when people keep giving your child presents - write a thank-you note for each and every present!

My big boy is now drinking from a bottle without a straw :)

And the other boy is getting big too!

And he had such fun picking out his LNY shoes! I put the shoes on and he jumped off to walk around, showing me and the aunties in the shop. Then when the lady brought out another pair in a different colour, I asked him to choose one - black/turquoise or orange/blue. He picked out the brighter orange/blue.

Do I look good?

Meanwhile, ZK was in Chinatown with his grandparents - smile!

One day I should document all of ZK's smiling poses in his check-in/out photos - quite funny :p

Found this on the wall when I was in school this Wednesday for an orientation briefing. H's mum and I had a good laugh!

Papa got me a new toy from Japan!

Sito was in Japan for three days and got each of us - yup, me included! - a TOMY toy. ZK was very excited when he followed Papa out to get the toy but he didn't seem as excited when he opened it *.* We suspect he thought it was a small train with few moving parts, and we fear very much that he has grown accustomed to gifts, big and many.

ZK gamely posed for this shot

The boys are very well loved and get presents all the time. I was doing spring cleaning today and realised that the last time Sito and I got them significant amount of stuff, it was when we stocked up in the US. So after that, they don't get much things from us, their parents - be it clothes and toys and especially toys. Or I should say, we don't get much opportunities to buy them stuff. We love getting them stuff - like that time when we decided to check out Hamleys and got ZK an ambulance. But much as it brings us joy, we realise we have to control ourselves, because they are already getting so many things and we cannot afford to spoil them further. That is sad for us. This latest episode makes us sadder cos he didn't show quite as much enthusiasm when Sito had the chance to get him something. It always, always worries me that my boys will grow up with a sense of entitlement and not knowing how to treasure things. Sigh sigh sigh!

And as I feel sian about not being able to get them things, I decide to give them more of the intangible. I've been very busy at work so I haven't been able to send ZY to bed lately. Hope to start again soon... But for ZK, now the easier one, we read or play on the iPad before bedtime, and then we had a little chat lying on his bed in the dark. I love how he has so many things to say, never mind the circular arguments! I think I'll do a different topic every week. For the past few days, we talked about who he played with in school. Next week, I'll try asking him about what they play in school.

Updated same evening, 10.30 pm

Sito gave ZY his little ambulance this evening, cos the boy was asleep by the time Papa came home yesterday. This less corrupted boy looked more appreciative of the present :)

Car! Car! 谢谢!

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