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Happy Money Year! Cos my phone auto-corrected me but it's auspicious, right?? :)

This year, we had three reunion dinners. The first was with Mum et al the day we went to USS as Ah Yee would be away the weekend before LNY. The second was at Mum's place and the third at Mother's place.

His first angbao of the year after dinner

And notice his monkey shirt? It's a hand-me-down but very 应景 :)

We managed to sit together to eat at Mother's place. In fact, ZK must be the first to be seated! I prepared the kids' bowl before we got them in from the living room, and the whole process was generally quite successful with ZK seated almost the entire time and with ZY sitting me on for the first few mouthfuls.

Papa says I must have some more rice before I can have another (piece of) chicken (which was in fact prawn)

The spring rolls were my special request. The prawn balls are a staple - either that or fried wantan. The chicken curry is a staple as well, even though they no longer 拜拜 at home so there was no need to buy a chicken. The soup was simplified from steamboat and the vege was a necessity. The salmon is a relatively new addition to the menu, and for the kids too. The eggs are for the kids too cos ZK started out eating nothing but eggs *.* Oh, and the extendable table and all the glass plates are probably older than me!

I want to move chairs!!!

And finally it was 大年初一!As usual, the kids were up early but we were also going out early today.

Some painting to occupy time very early in the morning

Clan Sito before we left the house!

I had planned to arrive at Mother's place by 10.30 am to catch Thomas on TV but ZY had to take a short nap so we arrived closer to 11 am. But ZK didn't complain - he just sat there and watched the movie until it ended at 11.45 am!

On the other hand, our little ZY was very busy...

Mama asked me to give Papa goodies...

I want to make 高高! (and then try to blow it down)

Curious at DuaGu's place

Fire crackers, you say?

Lunch was the usual steamboat except that everything had been cooked so it was a matter of heating it up in the soup. The yusheng was the standard - as in standard for us haha!

Prawns instead of fish

Source: One of those present!

Almost all of us!

These two really had fun while ZK was sleeping!

Apparently, he took it out of the fridge when someone opened it...

He put on ZK's bag and was raring to go...where?

Wherever A-jiejie is going!

Let's wake GeGe!

Happily balancing our wet tissue pack and roaming the living room

We stayed there for longer than usual, since ZY took a morning nap and ZK took his afternoon nap there. Managed to catch up a bit more with the relatives. Even had a brief first conversation with Yan's niece, J, who turns eight this year - she's in my old primary school!

Only wished that more kids were present - LY was on holiday and WT is still in Canada. Our generation of 15 cousins produced only six kids so far and only A and J are first cousins. Granted, a few of us are barely out of school but wouldn't it be nice for the next generation of second cousins to grow up and play together like we did? :)

AhYee asked us to stay for dinner (yummy!) but Sito wasn't keen (sighs!) so we went back before dinner. ZY fell asleep on the way home but woke in time for dinner, which cost 50% more from the coffeeshop downstairs. But we were already glad it was opened!

As usual, I googled for "what to do on chu er" only to turn up...nothing! Decided against River Hongbao cos it would be hot so we decided to go to a toy shop!

My cute boys in the same outfit!

ZK was smiling so sweetly - 阳光男孩! And ZY was cute even though he was giving a non-smiling cheese! Can you see Sito's eyebrows in ZY and mine in ZK? :)

Anyway, both fell asleep on the bus, and as luck would have it, ZK was on me. So we carried them both for some 30 minutes until my arms threatened to quit. Then Sito took both for a few seconds so that we could swop. But ZY the lighter sleeper woke. Ah well. Time for lunch!

We went to Paradise at Suntec where ZK had a lot of pork ribs again! ZY had his fair share of noodles too :) Fatten up, my boys!

As we walked into Toy R Us, ZY said "poo poo" and when I thought he wanted to sit somewhere to poo, I smelled poo! He was telling me he had done it! Good job! We dashed off to change and what a lot of poo he had!

ZY can also recognise that he was trying to poop here

We left without getting anything as the toys we wanted were not available. The next time Sito and I went to another shop, there wasn't any too. Probably have to order online...

Brought them to the playground downstairs for a while before coming back for an early dinner. And then, it was back to the grind!

The kids had LNY fun in school too.

Making pineapple tarts!

Source: Global Tots

All dressed up for the celebration - ZK was wearing his own concert gear from 2014 and ZY wearing ZK's hand-me-down

ZK's class

Source: Global Tots

ZY's class

Source: Global Tots

Last Saturday, I took ZK with me to my annual NPS gathering at LNY. Was trying to park when Mr C asked me to swerve round to the front of his house. I couldn't - this must be the first time I tried to parallel park without an instructor next to me *.* So he took the wheel for me. When he looked back to reverse, he found a stunned ZK staring at him, like, who's this person driving me away?! He told me he looked scared so I waved to him from outside the car. Oops.. But he was fine after that, running around and messing things up when he ate his lunch and the various snacks *.* I think it would have to be ZY next year...

So I guess that's about it for this LNY. Two more gatherings this weekend but the further from 初一, the less "feel" there is...

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