Sunday, 21 February 2016

New toys!

Sito picked up a coupon at Toy R Us!

It's a Devastator!

For himself!

Sito transformed four and I two - it turned out to be very fun!

The finished product

I fell asleep as Sito started assembling the Devastator. He left the thing on the desk and ZK wanted to play with it the next morning. Of course I said no! When Sito dismantled the Devastator - properly gonna display it in our new place next time - and turned the robots into trucks again, we let ZK have two of them to play for a while.

So pleased!

Teaching his elder son how to transform the truck - think he used a cement truck which was easier.

I put everything back in the box this morning *.* But we opened up another toy - got it online when I bought some water bottle carriers for the kids (and me - cos they are really cute!).

Basketball set!

The kids played with it for maybe five minutes? Both got the ball in at some point :) Then ZK got hungry so Sito had a few throws as well. The thing is a little too wobbly though - need to fill the base with water but that could get messy so we let it remain wobbly!

The best play is still outdoor play. After lunch at Mum's place, ZY made a beeline for the swing. Last time, ZK would guai guai take the corridor route as directed *.* But anyway, they had fun!

The boys in anti-phase

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