Thursday, 12 July 2018

Kai is six already!

Can't believe it but we've been parents for six years! Still rookies :p

So, so sorry to my Kai for being inexperienced parents at every step of his growing in the past, present and future. That's for being a first child. But hey, you get benefits too, like more solo time with Papa and Mama...

Coz Sito was out of town last Saturday, we gave him his Lego fire station on 30 June. He had been asking for it for some time. And he could build really cool fire trucks and rescue helicopters etc all on his own. For example, just last month, he saw Papa building a huge ship that he got for himself (ya). He returned with his own and replicated a retractable anchor using available pieces from his store. No book. Papa 0, Kai 1.

Papa and son bonding over Lego

So we splurged on his present while we were last at Legoland. It did seem too young for him to get a $200 present but it's such a fun and useful toy for him that we thought it justifiable.

And he was so happy!

Deeply engrosses in the manual

Still at it two hours later! (I was out :p)

Though Papa was sitting with him, he pretty much did the fire station all by himself! And he was might pleased with it :)

I also loved the fire station! It was quite fun - I love the shutters hoho! And I also love that the brothers can play together coz it's big enough!

Kai lets Yang play with him

Kai lets Yu watch him - until Yu started to touch and pull things apart!

He requested for Macs for dinner that Saturday though...

Dinner was more wholesome the following weekend, i.e. last weekend. Like for Yang's birthday, Mum they all came over. We had three cakes - one for Kai, one for Ah Yee and one from Jiejie who went for a cake-making session. Yummy!

Successful wefie! (N was off!)

Kai got a dinosaur Lego set

And a moving dinosaur!

Yu was sitting on me saying "scared" - awww, poor thing! But very soon, he was also playing with the dinosaur. Today, I had doubts over what his "scared" meant coz he was quite happy to press the dinosaur... Does it mean "dino"???!

Today, I took leave to spend his birthday with him. After all, this was his last birthday on which he didn't have to go to school even though it was a school day!

While at Yakun for breakfast, we got bad news that the school had to cancel his birthday celebration due to HFMD cases! But he took it pretty well coz his teacher told him on the phone. I think it would be a meltdown if it was me breaking the news - he spoke to his teacher so sweetly! I'm jealous, hmph! :p

Making funny faces at breakfast

Kai got stuck in the supermarket trolley!! Told ya, too big already la...

He played with Lego at home for a while before we went to the playground. But it was getting quite hot so I dragged him away to our main agenda of the day - Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum!

Face to face with an orangutan

The main attraction was the dinosaur fossils!

But Kai was a lot more interested in the snakes coz the dinosaurs didn't look like meat eaters

So Mama made funny poses instead :p

Though I managed to coax him to go look at the dinosaur properly

He spent most of his time upstairs killing laser crabs

And then we must visit the snakes again....

He was holding an origami crab he made and two badges from the staff who heard that it was his birthday - he was quite happy to tell everyone it was his birthday :p

He wanted to have pizza for lunch, and he preferred to go somewhere he had been before. So I decided on the Saizeriya downstairs. It was quite late but he wanted to take public transport. I forgot his fare card coz we took a cab out. Luckily no one questioned us..

More funny faces while waiting for the bus back

Having his fave pepperoni pizza

He didn't nap. After playing a bit on his own, he got a bit bored. So I decided to teach him money. I have put aside some notes and coins. So I asked him to identify the value and "buy" things from me. I started by enticing him to buy donut, which he does every Wednesday on our way home from school. He had to pick out $1.90 for me. Also got him to buy other things either of us chose. Then he got lazy and just gave me more money to get change back instead!! He also wanted to be the seller here and there. We had good fun :) But more importantly, I hope he is interested in this - need to go canteen on his own next year!

And then we went to the pool!

We stayed in the jacuzzi pool for an hour. Took a little walk to the aqua pool but the machines felt strange. Or I didn't know how to use. Ah well. We got up only when Mum arrived to pass us dinner and airfryer.

Papa came home earlier to cut cake with Kai!

I bought a 1kg cake for his class so there's still more than half a cake in our fridge. So hard not to get fat!

With that, my eldest turned six. Happy birthday, my dear boy!

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