Sunday, 8 July 2018

Wet wall be gone!

I can write water chronicles already...

As I mentioned, I found Kai's wall wet for the third time on Saturday, 19 May.

So faint I would have missed it if it didn't happen before

I monitored the wall for a few days. Every evening, I found it wetter than in the morning. Perhaps coz the overnight aircon dried it, and the day time cleaning of the bathroom made it wet. Also googled and learnt about rising damp but that's about ground water; not sure how that applies to high-rise. But that made me realised that it was possible for water to have seeped upwards if waterproofing wasn't done well.

Brown spots appeared further from the doorway on Sunday

I finally reported the wet wall on Thursday, 24 May, and on Saturday, the contractor came to take a look and scratched off a bit of loose paint due to the damp. He suggested drilling a hole on Monday to let the condensation out. But I didn't think it was condensation! I think it's waterproofing! So I told him my plans - to check on the wall after not using the bathroom for three days in Legoland.

Friday, 1 June - I realised I did not take a photo on Tuesday before Legoland so I could compare only with Sunday. Decided to leave it for a few more days so that I could tell if usage made it wetter.

Sunday night vs. Friday noon

My monitoring wasn't conclusive. I finally texted the contractor on Monday evening.

Getting worse on Monday, 4 June

The contractor replied me earlier morning of Tuesday, 5 June, that he would go up that day. I wasn't there but when I got back, the skirting was gone along the whole wet wall and also the wall next to the bathroom as that contains the aircon pipe.

No more skirting

Wall continued to be covered up on Wednesday

They also started testing water pressure

But to my horror, there was no hot water! N was going to shower Yu but the water pressure was very low. Eventually, there was no more water. I called security but they found the mains open! So the issue was internal. How would I know which valve?!

No hot water!

And at night, I heard some water sounds but couldn't see any leak in the bathroom. Later, past midnight, when Sito was working at the desk, he heard it and asked me to stand next to the dining table to hear it. I checked the bathroom again - nothing. But when I opened Kai's room, I stepped into a big puddle - the aircon was dripping madly! When I turned the vanes down, it looked like it was raining *.*

Sito said it was not the usual condensation. Indeed, the contractor said the next day that they didn't connect back the pipes coz they thought we wouldn't be using the room! There was so much water I had to use a mop and a floor mat to soak it up, and another floor mat to dry the floor.

Floor mat was totally wet!

On Thursday, 7 June, I got a call saying that they had to remove the cabinets. This time, they would be responsible for the whole thing and put it back; I didn't have to get our ID back. When I got back, the cabinet and toilet seat cover were in Yu's room. And they had hacked a whole in the wall.

They wanted to replace the white pipe, for which they couldn't test the water pressure

And then on Friday, 8 June, the contractor said that after installing internal valves to isolate pipes for the past two days, they discovered a leak in an inlet pipe behind the mirror! But luckily, they could replace it from the wall side so there was no need to take down the mirror!

Can't tell if it's the leaking one or the replaced one :p

What it looks like in the bathroom - can see the lobang to the bedroom?

And Kai's room

On Monday, 11 June, they patched back the walls on both bathroom and bedroom sides. The next day, the WC was back in position. N said the guy told her final painting will be on Monday.

The cabinet was put back on Thursday. Looked pretty ok to me inside and out. Kai's wall was still covered by card board.

But on Friday, 15 June, I found that the silicon in the shower was all scrapped out. Turned out that they had removed a tile in the shower area to check as well. I must have missed seeing that.

Anyway, the job was not completed the following week coz the manager thought the paint job was too ugly for me to pass it, hoho!

Seriously cannot pass this lumpy wall!

It took a full week before the work was done, and it was not even perfect. The patched up areas are no longer lumpy but they look too smooth unlike the rest of the wall which is naturally rough. But well, I guess that was it. I signed it off on Thursday 5 July. Hopefully, the wall stays dry!!

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