Saturday, 19 May 2018

Wet wet wall

Found the wall wet again!

First time was Sunday, 1 April. They took a couple of days to hack and assess, and sealed up by 6 April. Tiling was done on 9 April and the WC was put back on 10 April. I waited for two more weeks until 24 April before putting back the carpentry, during which I flushed every day and opened the tap to let water run - the first time I ran the tap, water splashed over my head coz I didn't know the pressure was so high coming from the pipe! After the carpentry was put back, I waited one more day before using the bathroom.

And less than two weeks later on Sunday, 6 May, the wall was wet again!

And it looked blue *.*

Didn't extend beyond this time though - or maybe I discovered it early??

This time, I wanted a proper assessment before doing any hacking, if necessary. The contractor came and lifted off the paint to check. I got a call to say they suspected condensation. But I didn't want to do it myself this time. Sito spoke with them on Thursday, 10 May, by when they were already applying sealant. By Friday, it was done, and they painted it up on the following Monday or Tuesday.

Just now, I found a shadow of wetness again. It's very frustrating. Maybe, tomorrow, which is Sunday again, I'll find the wall dripping again! Really akan datang...

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