Tuesday, 1 May 2018

May Day with caterpillars!

We had such fun today! But first, a little throw back to Friday when school was closed. I had great plans to bring the boys out for breakfast and then to the pond.

Too early for Yakun so we terrorised fruits in NTUC

Yu: I want Milo too!

The short walk

It started drizzling when we got to the pond so we circled the CC a little. We were going to leave after that but the drizzle stopped so we went back to the boardwalk. And then it started drizzling again! Ah well, we left. But at least Kai and Yang saw a couple of tortoises in the pond.

I thought we missed seeing the big caterpillars but as it turned out, the caterpillars I read about online were not at Pang Sua Pond but at the part of Pang Sua Park Connector near their school! And today was the day!

Giant caterpillars the length of my index finger but fatter!

We left the house before 9 am and took a slow walk to the park connector between their school and the post office. A little bit in from the main road, we spotted the first caterpillars. They have blue pads on their feet! I felt so amazed but disgusted at the same time.

Years back in AMK, I walked by scores of these giant caterpillars feasting on the trees along the tracks between the station and my place. Needless to say, giant moths plied that path every night and scared the hell out of me every time they flew too low. Once, I even saw a moth hanging on a tree, seemingly sleeping!

Anyway, we also saw many cocoons. Think there were more cocoons than caterpillars already. One caterpillar was in the midst of spinning its cocoon!

40% done?

A camouflaged cocoon; finger for size

Also spotted some dead caterpillars but here the boys were gazing at some ant *.*

Token picture of the other boys :p

Yu was running about while Kai and Yang were busy searching for more caterpillars and cocoons with me. I carried Kai and Yang to see the caterpillars and cocoon up close. One cocoon was low enough for them to touch. It felt like cardboard. But no idea how hard it was coz I dared not press it. I don't like moths but I'm not killing them.

Time for some chow!

I forgot to get milo for Yu too, oops. But he enjoyed the chee cheong fun, which his brothers didn't like. It was going to rain so no waterplay. Instead, we went to the playground downstairs.

Seesaw time!

Not terribly friendly to my heart, this playground

Then the rain came. We went into the nearest block. Which isn't ours! Ended up buying lunch before cutting through the mall to get to our block.

Sent the boys in for an early nap coz we were due for caking cutting after nap time. Only Kai was up early though. I was on my way out to meet Kel and D for five minutes when Yu woke. So he came with me. He was so shy but when he was offered a Hello Panda cookie, he wasn't shy at all *.*

Happy birthday to AhYe!

We went out for dinner at the Flyer and got back late. Yu went down very quickly. Kai was next after a meltdown - he was supposed to go straight to bed but asked for some time to play in his room. I told him to turn off the light at 8.45 pm. Turned out that that was only a few minutes away and he blew. Yang just came in, demanding to know who closed his room door - I have to leave the door very much open than ajar every night. Hope he's sleeping already.

So there, our May Day. Think it was great to head out early for a stroll and breakfast. Need to do this more often :)

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