Thursday, 3 May 2018

Day out with Yan :)

Yan is back! Well, for a few days at least. And we arranged way back to meet up today :)

After a long breakfast at Straits Kitchen

Yes, we started before 9 am and by the time we left, the place was ready for lunch! We took a cab back to BP and sat around at home before heading out to karaoke!

The singing cousins, woohoo!

We thought the last time we sang together might have been 20 years ago *.* I remembered Yan singing a Hokkien song. She remembered Ah Yee singing Teresa Teng and Hokkien songs. What took this reunion so long? It was so fun!!

We started out with older songs. Then the newer ones came out. Then the crazy ones came out. And silly ones too. At one point, I think it must have been after Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, I thought I needed some Jay Zhou/Fang Wenshan to put some brains back into my head :p

Very high!

Even Kai and Yang joined us!

We gave them their current fave, Let It Go. Kai sang along for a while and then ditched the microphone. Yang was just sitting quietly on my lap. Gave them Old MacDonald and then I gave up. Time to fetch Yu and get everyone home!

Welfie before saying byebye to Yan

Hope it wouldn't be too long to our next meeting. And certainly hope the second cousins will get to meet soon too!

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