Saturday, 19 May 2018

Baby of the house

I have been very behind in writing about the kids, with moving and related teething issues. Yet, Yu is growing so fast that I must must must document it before he suddenly loses his baby fats!

Somehow, he bit a hole through his night pacifier so I got him to throw it away. Shortly after, he also stopped using a pacifier for his nap at home. Losing the pacifier always seems like a big milestone, sighs..

On his way to throw his pacifier on 18 April - what a significant move!

He's really good in school. Until he discovered the torchlight, he would go straight to the chair to let his teacher check him in. His teacher told me he helped out in school too - when it was time to keep toys, he pointed to the kid who was still playing haha!

He knows the morning routine :)

Nowadays, he is also more willing to go into the stroller. At first, there were days when we had to force him in. It's just so hard to have him walk to school - we tried once. Maybe when he turns two. Will save us time taking the lift too. I think we have to take three lifts before we reach the school building, and then another to get to the school which was the only way up.

Cutie pie wears a cap to school

Very cute naked too haha!

Now we have more space for the bathtub - to rest and to use. They love it but it can be such a pain to use - they want to spend so much time there and I'm afraid they would catch a cold; they all want their turn NOW; it's hard to explain to Kai why he couldn't fit in the bathtub anymore!

We love the space we have now. But there is one problem - we lose the kids sometimes *.* There are so many hiding places! Behind curtains, under the beds, behind the wall on the balcony away from the doors, and the little corner next to my bed. But they make such a cute find!


I was very cutified when I saw him with glasses!


This boy has developed this habit of pooping after his evening shower. He would have milk, then nursed a bit, and suddenly give me THE FACE. Just this week, he said "poo poo" and wanted to head out. The poop hadn't come out so I put him on the potty. But he wanted to go to the shower! His diaper was quite full anyway so I just washed him.

Was going to put on a new diaper in his room when he went "poo poo" again and fussed. I wondered if he had leaked so I checked, and I SAW POOP COMING OUT! I quickly carried him to the potty but he struggled and clang on to his mattress! Couldn't help it anymore - the poop came out with a plop on the floor!!! Some pee leaked out too but thankfully it didn't hit the mattress.

I carried him to wash up while N cleaned up the floor. But he pooped again when I was putting on his pyjamas - this time, it was nua nua! So lucky the one on the floor was not nua nua!!

Couple of days later, he remembered he poo-ed on the floor...

I think he has so much poop - he also used a lot of diapers in school - because he eats a lot.

This boy is the best eater of them three at this moment. For example on one porridge day, Kai ate only the porridge, Yang ate only the meatballs, but Yu ate everything plus some from his brothers!! Sometimes, he also eats his brothers' rice. My xiao feh-fat indeed :)

Stuffing his face with cake

He loves snacks!

He also eats healthily - that's dragonfruit on his face

My feh-fat! Fat face, fat belly!

He also cleans up after eating *swoons*

"I'm going to the market, Mama!"

He doesn't sleep so well though. Still waking a few times a night, and must nurse! And he can be very noisy when nursing. MmmmmMMMM!

Bedtime routine can also be long sometimes. When he first entered playgroup, he was so tired adjusting to the new nap schedule that he slept by 7.30 pm. Nowadays, it's back to 8 pm on most days.

Legs are long enough to reach Yang's bed!

His fave page in the book - bah bah!

We just started reading potty books. I want to get him used to the idea of the potty so that we can do potty training soon!

Though he eats well, he drinks less well - he takes a long time to drink just 120 ml of milk, and sometimes he doesn't finish. But he will nurse so I'm not afraid he's hungry. I'm afraid he won't wean so fast *.* It's quite tiring to nurse at night - sometimes he wants to keep nursing! I have to lie on my side when I prefer to lie on my back. And he's getting so heavy to carry up to nurse in my arms.

Though we have more space overall, each room is smaller than their old room. There is no place to put the camera! So it goes under Yang's bed. I can still see Yu but must make sure Yang's blanket is not blocking...

He found the camera :p

Going to pick up the boys soon. I think Yu might be napping now coz he woke before 5 am today. He might have dozed off while nursing but I didn't know coz I was sleeping :p And I woke again when he disturbed me. Anyway, hope he can nap this afternoon so that we can all nap!

My little feh-fat napping :)

I realise this is the first time I'm taking care of a child of this age myself at night coz I'm finally not pregnant when the previous child is 18 months! It's so fun to see him grow and learn new things. I'm looking forward to the time when he can speak more :)

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