Monday, 4 June 2018

Nine years as Mrs Sito

It certainly doesn’t feel that long but when I look at the kids, yup, nine years!

And look at us - rounder :)

I’m a day late posting this. With our anniversary on a Sunday, we celebrated on Friday instead. Having just come back from Legoland that day, we just went downstairs - Eighteen Chefs provided some comfort for tired parents, and then food court bingsu for the dating couple.

Recently, we found new joy in watching drama on YouTube in bed, cast to the TV right in front. It didn’t strike me how much I enjoyed that until Sito went away for work last week and we didn’t watch it together. I could have watched it on my own but it just wasn’t the same without him lying next to me, sometimes with ice cream. It’s no surprise then that he has to hit the gym often and I started tonight!

May we get and stay slim together :)

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