Saturday, 23 June 2018

Bah zang and its cousins

Went back to Mother's place to wrap bah zang last Saturday. I thought the last time I did this was when Kai was in my belly. Facebook reminded me this week that I last did this in 2015. No wonder still not too rusty... But I guess this skill is unlikely to disappear..

All ready for me!

I took two hours to finish up 1.5kg of glutinous rice. I heard we used to have 5kg of glutinous rice - no wonder the wrapping used to finish only past lunch time!

Waiting for its fellow bah zang to be cooked


Bah zang's cousins :p

Mother made lots of five stones sets to sell at a flea market. I got one set free :p Tried to teach the kids this afternoon but failed spectacularly - I hardly held the stones in my hands!

Kai tried the bah zang that very afternoon and said he liked it! Yay!

I asked Mother for the recipe - well, I still don't know how to cook it - but as usual, there were only ingredients, no quantities *.* I hope to be able to make the whole thing myself one day, including cooking! :)

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