Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Yang Yang turns four!

My little Yang Yang turns four today! :)

I reviewed his baby photos the other day with him. He smiled when I told him the cute baby was his baby self :)

Celebrations started last Saturday. It was a simple one. We gave him his shield and mace from Legoland after his nap. Then we went to... Macs!! We didn't have a cake like last year coz, Macs :p But he shared an ice cream sundae with Kai.

Pleased with his present

His burger and milo

On Sunday, Mum and Dad and Ah Yee came over after nap time to celebrate his birthday. He wanted a Star Wars cake so I got that for school but on Sunday, I surprised him with Olaf from Frozen!

Love having Bengawan Solo across the road :p

First birthday celebration at our new home!

Time for presents!

Poor Yu was afraid of the dinosaur! But he's fine now. Kai also likes Yang's presents, especially the gun. He's still not too pleased that his younger brother's birthday comes before his! But I think he's slowly getting it - that he's still the older one.

Dinner was at JCube - must go for his fave dumplings! And he had five dumplings on top of his noodles - good job, my boy!

Sharing a dessert

But turned out Yang didn't like it!

He loves to smile! :)))

Apparently, he smiles like me - issit??


Yu wants to pose too! :)

And today, I took leave to hang out with him. I managed to get corporate pass for the zoo so we packed a backpack full of stuff and left on an adventure!

But Yang looks like he's going partying!

Dance, dance, baby!

Quite beng beng :p

We live very near to the zoo now! Just take 171 for five stops and changed to 927 for three more! We got to the zoo at 8.29 am and were the first ones in, woohoo!

"Coconut trees above my head!"

Yang chose to be brave like the white tiger

Mama chose to be silly :p

PS: He chose his top and my dress this morning.

Our first surprise

Other surprises include the black monkeys to the right of the pelicans, a turtle in the lake which dived and disappeared giant walking tortoises, a huge crocodile in water and the heavy rain!!

We got to the elephants in time to catch them bathe but it started pouring madly! The feeding was cancelled :( and then we went from one place to another with my trusty old brolly. We stayed a long time with two crocodiles and a video coz the rain got really heavy.

Mama: Oh dear, it's raining hard...

And he made me repeat a sentence after him, word by word, about rain falling heavily *.*

I'm just so glad he took it in his stride. I was quite sian about the rain but seeing him still so upbeat, I felt better. After all, it was his day - it's enough that he's happy.

My happy boy refused to put on a sad face!

He wanted to go home after a while since it was raining. He said we shouldn't come to the zoo coz it was raining. But he was keen to watch a show. So we decided to brave the rain. He didn't ask but I offered to carry him as we left the crocodile enclosure. And I was glad I did coz by the time we got to the amphitheatre, my dress was so wet up to just above my knees that I could wring water out of it! Yang would have been drenched! Luckily, only his jeans got damp.

Baby, this isn't smiling...

But it's ok, let's make funny faces!

His expression during the show

Sea lion! Reminded me of his 2016 croup which gave him a barking cough like a seal/sea lion

Cannot forget how I used to waste film trying to catch pictures of two sea lions touching balls with their snouts - they always turned out blur! So much easier with smart phones now..

With that, we saw ourselves out, passing by the white tigers on our way out, which made for a nice ending after starting with the photo with the white tiger cartoon. No more "let's find other animals!" for a while!

Surprised that his loot from the zoo wasn't a candy dispenser after all!

"I feed you candy because you are like an animal..." *.*

His kiddy meal - which he hardly finished

Yang was quite tired. We napped together in his bed until 3 pm when we were due for a celebration in school! I had to avoid being seen by Yu :p

His order - Star Wars cake. Had to get it delivered for $18 though - not available across the road...

Stuck to me as usual...

Toying with my dress while I was busy

Asked him to serve cake to his friends but he ate the second slice when his friends distracted me!

He decided he didn't want to go for speech and drama. There is going to be a makeup class tomorrow so I let him come home to play. He ended up watching TV. I sat with him for a while and suddenly it was time to get his brothers home.

He was procrastinating about showering when we got back. So I brought him into the shower with me. I realised I haven't done that for a while. I used to do that often when I was pregnant with Yu - the boys would rub my big belly!

I was quite tired and wanted to just lie down with them and sleep but work beckoned... But I promised to sleep in his bed tonight so I'm going now!

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