Monday, 11 June 2018

Drama babies

Sito commented that Kai and Yang were already very drama when we were first considering speech and drama class. We went ahead coz they weren't nearly drama enough in Mandarin :p

I would say Kai is the more drama of the two. Just can't pinpoint a specific incident though... How about the many times he lay on the floor at home or outside and just cried?!

Smiling boys!

I was telling Kai and Yang that we planned to bring them to Taiwan - that's my plan for a last ditch attempt to immerse Kai in a Chinese environment before primary school - but without N so they had to be good boys. Would they? Yes, they said! Good, coz you boys hadn’t been to Taiwan before, we wanted to bring you somewhere new.

mf: Oh wait a minute - Yang, you went to Taiwan when you were in mama’s tummy!
Yang, big eyes and big voice: But I didn’t see anything in your tummy! I want to see something!!

That was fast, baby! Ok you’ll see something soon!

Even Yu can be drama. That day, when he hit me, I “cried”. And the kid copied my crying then laughed! That’s it, cannot bluff him anymore!

Pooping face gave way to smiling - priorities!

But this endearing boy told me he loved me at one day past 19 months! It was bedtime and I said, “I love you!” And he said the same to me :) Ok he may or may not understand but do I care? Haha! Melt already...

Update 23 Jun 2018

It struck me last week that Yu was 20 months when he said "I love you"! Gosh, I miscalculated his age *.*

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