Friday, 27 April 2018

Super big bruise!

Totally random post because I haven't had such a big bruise since I was a teenager! And I love bruises! *crazy*

Beautiful? Haha!

We left a 27kg box near the doorway after lugging it back from Ikea one night - it was our desk. The next morning, I was standing there when Yu pulled it over. Luckily it landed on me and not him.

When I had such a big bruise years back, it was also on a shin but higher up. Mother wouldn't bother normally but I think she couldn't bear the size and took Zam-Buk to it one night - I was sitting on the step leading to the kitchen howling madly at 11 pm! Now that I think about it, it should be that time when I was studying at the table, got up to pee but got dizzy and fell into the bathroom. That's about half my life ago *.*

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