Thursday, 26 April 2018

Water is money...

That's what I say to console myself - water is money...

On Easter Sunday, and that's 1 April, almost a whole month ago, I discovered that Kai's wall was wet on the bottom 50 cm or so. A tiny 5-cm puddle was found at late morning under the magnetic stopper for the door.

Yu was due to start PG the next day so I was on leave. Got the main contractor to come have a look. Did a little conference call to ID. I dug out the floor plans to check the no-drill zone but couldn't tell whether the cabinet nails were safe unless we took it apart. Decision was thus to remove the cabinet to check the nails.

Tuesday morning, the carpenter team came, remove the cabinet and basin. No issue with the nails there. Did pressure test to confirm. But maybe it was the bidet spray holder?? So they took down the wall tile. Looked fine. But there's still leaking.

Bathroom on Tuesday

And the cement was wet above the bidet spray. Guess what? Need to remove mirror! That was scheduled for Thursday. But the nails were fine too. So they started hacking the cement. Somehow they then said it could be the bidet spray point which had multiple joints. So they removed it and did the pressure test - it showed no leak! Did magic just happen?? But how did the leak in the joint cause the ponding on the other side and wetness up 50cm?!

Bathroom on Thursday

Mirror part

Since they have drilled, they might as well drill the part right behind cabinet so they did. And somehow puncture the wall in Kai's room!

Ugly patching of wall that took three days to cover up nicely

There being no more leaks, main contractor wanted to seal things up. But where was the problem? And my ID had not seen anything. I held up the work and called ID - I think he should go have a look. His plumber couldn't make it but based on my pictures, he had a theory that the leak was probably in the joints of the pipes inside. But there being no more leaks, ID gave the go-ahead to seal things up but suggested we wait some time before we put everything back.

Bathroom on Friday

Bathroom next Tuesday, 10 April

They wanted to come back to fix back the bidet spray holder but I rejected it. I never wanted to drill that in anyway but I forgot to tell ID. I used the Daiso shower head holder instead. So I'm still looking for a replacement shower head holder for the kids... No stock at IMM or ION Daiso...

Anyway, and then we started waiting. I flushed the toilet, ran the water here and there, and checked the walls every day. Last Thursday, I called ID to get the bathroom fixed. This Tuesday, the carpenter team came and fixed everything. Since yesterday, the kids got their bathroom back. Sito and I also got ours back - no more wet floors and crumpled towels!

The kids are still getting used to it. After all, they spent more time using our bathroom than theirs since we moved it!

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