Saturday, 14 April 2018

Dating my husband :)

Last Friday, we decided to go to Ikea to get couple more stuff for the house. We ended up with a desk for ourselves (finally!) and a pot of money plant, plus some smaller goods. Sito had the bright idea of going to Two Chefs for dinner - we first heard about it in 2012 and kept saying we should go. Well, we finally did - three weeks after we moved away from the area!

Actually I met G et al at Two Chefs week of LNY but I didn't join for dinner then, only tried a meat dish that looked white. We ordered that - was milk powder *.* The eatery was very near our old place. I cut through the school to get there. A little freaky coz it was very quiet and still at night...

Us last Friday, at Two Chefs

Us yesterday, at Oasis for porridge

Just had to take a picture yesterday coz I realised we were wearing the same thing one week ago! True, we don't have much clothes so we cycle through them pretty quickly. The kids have significantly more but they no longer wear them much coz it's now uniform after lunch in the new school instead of home clothes in the old school

Porridge was lunch. We needed to do refinancing of our mortgage that afternoon at TPY. As we had some time, we tried to go for foot reflexology but there was no immediate vacancy. So last night, we tried again! No vacancy at the $20 place but there was vacancy at the $40 place *.* Well, being suckers, we went for that. I found it quite good though Sito thought the therapist could have been stronger. I got a package right away, not so much for the massage but for pedicure.

Now that we've moved, our dates would take place around our place. No more Vivocity or Orchard - just too far for the little time we have. Plus my mind can stray to the kids at home... Maybe one day when they're older...

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