Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A bleeding nose and more

Just now, I was doing bedtime with Kai when I tickled him a little. I was lying down while he was sitting up in front of me. Time slowed to a crawl as I watched his head fall back hard on my nose!

I clutched my nose in pain, made some horrid sound and leapt out of bed to grab some tissue. Blood! I asked Kai to turn on the light as I sat on the floor, blowing blood and mucous out of my super painful nose.

I was too absorbed in my pain to see him before but when he brought me the tissue box, I saw concern in his face. He said, sorry Mama, as he dabbed my tears away - yes, it was so painful I started tearing. Or just my sensitive nose causing the tears.

But those little tears soon gave way to big wails as all the recent stress over the house - now we have a water issue, akan datang - and all the tiredness from work and child care overwhelmed me. Kai continued to dab my tears as I sobbed and poured out my heart to this poor boy. I told him I was so tired and stressed coz of this and that. He just looked at me, listened and dabbed at my tears.

When I asked for a hug, he put his arms around me and held me tight but not overly tight as he tends to sometimes when super angry or excited. It was so nice. I thanked him and told him I would be brave, ok? Ok, he said. Did I scare him? No, he said he was ok. I think he fits into a protecting role very well :)

When I stopped wailing, he said sorry again. I told him it wasn't all his fault coz I should know better than to tickle him in that position. So, recalling some words of wisdom from my marriage preparation work, I suggested we take responsibility for our parts - I don't tickle like that and he tries not to fall backwards. He tends to do that since he was a baby, especially when he throws a tantrum but he usually falls on his bed. He agreed but highlighted back to me that I should not tickle him like that cos he MIGHT - with finger emphasis! - fall on me! We locked our pinkies and pressed our thumbs together. Deal.

My loving little boy

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