Monday, 2 April 2018

Yu goes to playgroup!

For the last time, I sent a baby to playgroup today. So many lasts...

Look how cute he is in his still-so-big XS uniform!

It's nigh on impossible to take a good shot of them three together!

N and I walked the boys to school, with Yu in the stroller. Kai started introducing Yu to everyone at the check-in area, as his "new brother" hoho! He was so sweet to him, wanting to carry him and all. Quite scary sometimes :p

Kai and Yang put their bags down outside their respective classrooms, and we sat down to play while waiting for breakfast. The younger kids played with blocks while the older ones were playing elsewhere. I shooed Kai to his friends but he kept coming back to his baby brother :)

Baby playing with blocks

Yang can do a mean truck now! "Coz I'm big boy!"

Breakfast today was koko krunch with Milo. I thought that was a chocolate overdose *.* But surprisingly, Kai said he didn't like the cereals so he just drank half a cup of Milo - so restrained! I guess his two slices of bread and a small piece of chocolate cake left over from tea yesterday were still in his stomach! Yang had two bowls of breakfast though. As did Yu! But Yu did not have Milo - I thought that would be too messy..

Yu did this after seeing Yang do it

Else he could scoop some up!

That was Kai standing next to him, telling his friend about his baby brother :) Another friend of his told Yu he was cute :) A little girl came over to Yu to make friends; I guess she found him cute too haha!

Then it was circle time! And Yu proved a little hard to sit still. He strayed to the side a few times coz he wanted the toys. And I couldn't move coz Yang was on me! Thankfully, more teachers had arrived by then.

Taking centre stage just before we got into the circle

Somehow we I lasted until 9 am outdoor time! Yang was clingy and wanted me to follow him to his class. After a couple of minutes, a kiss and a hug settled him - he went to class willingly. I picked up Yu who was roaming in and out of Yang's classroom, and went to find his class at the play area.

And I made a discovery - he doesn't like artificial grass!

I was wondering why he was so ai-mai ai-mai about the slide. When I helped him on, he wanted to go head down! When I turned him around to go leg down, he lifted up his legs as he reached the bottom! Super cute la.. And he didn't take well to sand too *.*

So he settled with this

We then went into the next area where it was ALL artificial grass! He refused to walk in! I gave in and carried him in but kept trying to make his feet touch the grass when we were seated on it - naughty Mama! Anyway, we were only resting there, drinking water. But that was useful - he wanted water so I asked him to go get it from his teacher, who was seated a couple of steps away. He did it! But he scrambled back into my lap quickly. I guess all it takes is time...

We went into the classroom and he sat down next to his teacher

I made a call to the management office coz - believe it or not - we have a leaking pipe!! And the contractor was coming up to inspect so I left Yu :( To be honest, I intended to leave him to run errands but not as early as 9.30 am...

When I went back to get the kids in the evening, the principal told me Yu cried really hard! :( I felt a bit bad :( But then she said it was after nap time - oh, then that's normal! :p Somehow, Yu would sometimes cry after a nap. No idea why.. When his teacher brought him out, she said he had been good and adjusting well. Another teacher who was at check-out said he let her wash him after a poop, no struggles! So proud of my baby :)

PS: I was searching my blog and realised I didn't talk about Yang going to playgroup!!! :(((( He was very cute too! But Mama was bad and didn't blog about it :(

Look at this cute toddler!

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