Thursday, 26 July 2018

Ridiculous men in Jin Yong drama

Sito and I were watching Jin Yong drama on YouTube last month. We started with 射雕英雄传 胡歌 version and went on to 倚天屠龙记 苏有朋 version. I couldn't remember all the details of the novels but I believe the dramas are a little different.

I enjoyed the show - great entertainment value - but I was obviously pissed at these two guys who dominated the pugilistic world but sucked at everything else, especially in managing their love life!!!

Look at 郭靖 who was engaged to 华筝 but fell in love with 黄蓉 - he couldn't decide whom not to 对不起! There was even one scene where he told 黄蓉 that he couldn't 对不起华筝 but he would always always only love 黄蓉 who said she would love only him - while 华筝 was standing there the whole time looking sad? Pissed? Frustrated?? And when he didn't see 黄蓉 after that, he decided he couldn't live without her!

And now, 张无忌 with four girls - he couldn't decide whom he loved! Suddenly went from hating 赵敏 to being more than friends, but got engaged to 周芷若 when saving her, buried 珠儿 as his wife, and it was complicated with 小昭 who supposedly understood him so well but he kind of treated her like a maid..

Sito asked me what if he were like those two. My eyes rolled to the back.

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