Sunday, 7 October 2007

Another weird incident!

Twice in two days!

Was with Na in Watsons. Walked into this aisle where a middle aged man was looking at stuff.

Man: Are you local?
mf: Hmm? Yes.. Why?

I thought he was a lost tourist or something.

Man: Nothing.. What's your name?
mf: ??

I smiled politely and turned back to the shelves.

Man: You don't have a name?

Irritated, I turned, forced a smile and walked away to find Na..

Other than that, it's a lovely Sunday. Late lunch and catch-up with Na followed by a dance lesson that felt somewhat like our "show" with a number of students watching while waiting for their class which followed ours :p Bought a mosquito repellant - it's under my desk now. Hopefully that will mark the end of itchy calves and ugly scratch marks.

And yes, I should really blog about Japan..

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