Sunday, 7 October 2007

Shallow mf

Something weird happened to me today.

I was approaching the gates at Orchard MRT when this guy walked up from behind me and went, "Kanoukoniu?"


When he repeated, also on super speed, I thought I heard "can I know you cos I'm interested in you?" And he held out his mobile.

Utterly disgusted, I calmly said no and moved on. Why was I disgusted? Well.. Cos I'm superficial? :p

I had wanted to stop here but I recalled something from a few weeks/months ago...

I was usually too tired most of the time to read on the MRT. With only my iPod in my ears, there were trips when I had nothing to do. It was difficult to sleep as there were seldom seats. So I observed people around me...

Often, I found myself in a car full of plain-looking people. Woman staring into space with dark cardigan wrapped around her, man reading with nerdy glasses and a backpack, auntie looking ahead with red lipstick and a pink cardigan (what's with the cardigans?!), uncle dragging his feet to work, woman sleeping with her mouth open..

Then, I caught myself. Ain't I one of them? *Gasp* Maybe the woman staring into space was actually looking at me and thinking the same thing!

"mf is plain-looking *.* mf is just one in a million commuters, sighs..."

At that moment I felt small and not too unique an individual..

PS: There is one type of commuters who cannot be plain-looking. The bubble kids! (even though the parents are often plain-lookers)

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