Sunday, 28 October 2007

Simple Sunday

Just now as I was crossing the carpark, I suddenly realised that my neighbourhood can be very peaceful too.. There was no one around and even with the coffee shop preparing for dinner time, there was hardly a sound under the dusk light..

Happy =)

Decided not to stay for dinner at Grams' place cos I already had too much to eat for lunch.. And I would like some time at home by myself today. It was a tad too noisy there with so many people around today cos we were celebrating her 84th (just verified this against an older post; we thought it was 85th :p) birthday.

We bought very yummy durian cake from Emicakes!

And look at this cute card from Hui!

What a cute cousin :)

Oh, dear cousin Yan is leaving for her work attachment in Newcastle on 6 Nov.. Think I just saw her for the last time in a year and a half.. Take care!!!

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