Thursday, 16 April 2009


Watched a few Jap dramas lately..

Remember 101st Marriage Proposal? I know, it's damn old! I remember watching bits of it on TV when I was a kid but I remember the song more than the story..

It was such a fairy tale - for the guy cos it was sort of a beauty and the beast story. The "sort of" was because the beast did not turn into a prince :p

But you know, I tend to notice peripheral stuff... So I may forget the story and always remember the o-biang outfits the girls wore.. Or their big hair, which made me appreciate rebonding technique very much!

The lead actress has straight hair though. But it was messy - now I realise how ugly I look with hair falling over my face =( And what's with her odd postures?? I don't like her although she looks like Nanako, for whom I have a soft spot - cos some people used to say I looked like her!! I guess it was just my hair :p

And more recently, I watched Proposal Daisakusen. It was so funny and touching at the same time!

The fairy (yes..) quoted Oscar Wilde: Men want to be a woman's first love; women want to be a man's last romance. Then he told the chap: but you as a guy, wants to be her last lover. And so he helped him..!

When I watched the episode on their graduation, I suddenly felt that I missed my teenage years. It seemed that I didn't do a lot. I was mostly studying. I don't even remember the last day I wore my uniform cos it was the last exam. I didn't have any school romance :p

That day, I thought I learnt a few things at work and I was happy. But when I tuned in to the drama at night, I realised I learnt more and all the more useful cos it's about life!

"When all you care about is timing and chances, when you care about little things like that, you can't grasp real happiness!"

Two more things from the final and special episodes respectively, roughly translated and interpreted as follows:

"Even if you can change the past, you can't change yourself. Why not change the present for a better future?"

"Because we have a past, we are who we are today."

"We must trust the people we love, no point guessing and scare ourselves - when in doubt, ask."

Oops, got three learning points instead :p

But I should really stop watching these dramas. I get so obsessed trying to finish them that I hardly have time to sort out my wardrobe and tidy my books etc. The only thing I could do while watching dramas is ironing clothes - now I want to iron clothes every day! :p

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