Saturday, 4 April 2009

I'm not 29..

I was toying with my phone today on the train when this boy about 20 drifted to my side and spoke to me.

mf: Yes? *removed iPod earpiece*
Boy: 你是大学生吗?
mf: 不是.. *bewildered*
Boy: 你像是..
mf: Huh? 我其实蛮老了.. *turned back to Pinky*

Boy: 你有"you xiang"吗?
mf: 油香?*htf would I have that on me?!*
Boy: *buried his face for a second* 电子邮箱..
mf: Oh, 没有.. *back to Pinky*

Then I arrived at my destination. And smiled as I went up the escalator - I looked like an undergrad, i.e. early 20s! That's almost 10 years younger! :p

So I told Sito, and he agreed it was possible! Maybe it was my ostrich-like skirt today?

Anyway, so I went to Jap class, and Geraldine said that undergrads could have gone through eight years of primary school, five years of secondary school, ITE, poly, JC, then university..! *sulk*

And just now, I was taking a Facebook quiz - it said my age was 31-40.. But I'm only 29! =(

These episodes on age today brought to mind two things:

Well, I was just thinking about age and ageing the other day. Since I started work, I was the 妹妹 of the office, being a fresh grad. And I have been working among people older than me. I can't help feeling like 23, which was when I first started work. But I think I only feel 23 when I'm at work, cos there's so much to learn. And of course, I don't grab my sagging butt in the office!

Outside of work, I am aware of noticeable physical, mental and emotional changes:

a) Physical - I used to get colds and/or coughs. Now I get the flu, i.e. ache and all. Wrinkles. And sagging bits.

b) Emotional - I feel I'm at a different emotional plane from six years ago. Guess it's after meeting many more people, different people, learning from their actions and reactions. We are a complex being..

c) Mental - Certainly don't feel any smarter. If anything, I have dead brain cells blocking some essential synapses! But there are some developments, mostly at work and on dealing with people.

Sometimes, I would suddenly realise my age and get a shock. Wasn't I just 17 yesterday and singing on stage? Or the like..

Yet at the same time, I don't resist the idea of ageing. There are so many things to look forward to and if I don't age, I won't get there!

I was also thinking about making friends the other day. I think I don't want to make too many new friends from now. Keeping in touch online is one thing but meeting up is another altogether. I hardly have enough time to meet my existing friends who are more important than more (new) friends! And I feel that new friendships can be only skin deep if I cannot make the time to be with them.

Did I just stick a huge ANTI-SOCIAL label on my forehead? 朋友不在多寡,而是实不实在。

So today, I found it very interesting that this boy approached me like that. Perhaps as a foreign student - he sounded like one - he was just trying to make friends. I guess I'm past the age of making friends from random encounters.

And if he was trying to pick me up, thinking I was in his age bracket, well, Boy, Madam is taken! :p Oh, but if more were like him, we could have lower singlehood rates, higher marriage rates and a higher total fertility rate? *excited* Ok, job hazard *.*

=== end of the two things ===

Now I shall focus on my vanity - after all, I look like I'm in my early 20s :)

Update 9 Apr 2009
At dinner with colleagues just now, Mrs PS said I looked younger than 29!

Yes, mf is floating into the clouds now :))


  1. Optimistic cheerful people generally look younger! U r always so cheerful, beats all that botox way down!

  2. A clear sign of dementia and delusion...


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