Thursday, 9 April 2009


Um, I suddenly remember this new year's eve.

I didn't go for countdown for 2008. In fact, I didn't party - much or at all - for most of 2007 and 2008. So CY, JT and I decided to head out to town, after making an advance cab reservation for 2am :p Didn't want to get stranded like in 2007!

At first I thought I would finally have the chance to wear this shiny ah-lian dress I got in Dublin in late 2007. But, it barely covered my big fat arse and the thighs that could 踢死一只马! Pairing with black tights just made me look slutty *.*

We ended up in the central square in Clarke Quay. There were some performances but the crowd was rather pathetic - people hardly moved to the music! It was not until right after countdown that they got a bit more excited. But we decided to leave to quench our thirst.. THE thirst :)

I forgot what happened but CY turned motherly *.*

Going home was exciting. First of all, the cab who took my booking decided to give it up. I missed the cab company's calls so I didn't know the new cab number so I didn't know when the cab stopped in front of us. Some random ang moh at the cab stand tried to bluff the cabbie that he was the one who called but cabbie uncle was good - he verified name and destination and sent ang moh away! :)

Uncle was very funny.. I no longer remember what we talked about but I sure remember what happened!

I was sitting in front and he was telling us how some passengers tried to bluff him etc.. Then suddenly..

Uncle: Aiyah, talk until I go the wrong way!

We ended up on AYE *.*

So we started talking about how to adjust the fare and he knew the fare to be x and y etc.. And suddenly I found myself zooming towards this bike in front of us, almost knocking into it as we stopped at a traffic light!

mf: Uncle, don't want to talk to you already! You just drive! I'm very scared!

(Just as suddenly as I remembered this incident, this post ends!)

Update 24 May 2009

More of us!


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  1. Hahaha.... yes there was the moment of 'huh....'. 2006 was with me? Na


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